Peaches wants you

The Peaches Beret! Just in time for Spring.

Here's the deal:
  1. I heart comments.

  2. It may be a gross overestimation
    but I like to imagine that there are nuttnlurkers so...

  3. For my friends, frequent commenters that they are,
    because they give advice, comfort, incentive, and support, and...

  4. To entice the lurkers to come forward...

  5. A Give-a-way:

  6. Leave a comment between now and when I next post
    (for God's sake my life is structured enough without being required to give an exact timeline, and, after all, it is my blog :-)
    correctly identifying the Leafy Goddess shown below
    (an extra credit point if you provide a supporting recipe)
    and your name will be entered in the drawing for dear Peaches,
    the last in the line of Koigu berets from the PurlBee pattern.

Who am I and how should I be eaten?

Peaches' sister Pinky (as in Tuscadero) is also complete.
I'm way up on my game for a certain someone's birthday this year :-)

Keep posted for:
  1. Peachy drawing results
  2. Ester KAL reports. We cast on today!
  3. The Sad but True tales of Bobbi Bear Gone Bad


Jessicah said...

I might be sorely mistaken...but that surely is a rhubarb plant- perfect for the colours of the beret also! today on my morning walk with pedro i passed one in someones garden and wondered if they would notice if i swiped a few stalks.... best eaten stewed with a little sugar over weet-bix. the acidity makes the milk curdle slightly. or in a crumble with apple. And I am planning a delurk event also in the next few weeks, when I can find some crafting time. Great minds and all that!

keri said...

You don't want to know what I thought it was at first, a WEED!

Chop, saute in a little butter and serve over mashed potatoes! ;)

Sasha said...

Wow, you are a beret knitting machine!

Well the image name is a bit of a giveaway, but I was going to guess it anyway.

My faves are a fool, whip cream, what's not to like?:

or an upside-down cake, the one I used to make was from Fine Cooking, you lay the pieces neatly in a square pan, fussy but pretty. This is a similar idea:

tiennie said...

Peaches is very pretty.

Identify a plant - um... yeah... not a clue!

Ali said...

I have a great rhubarb-crumble ice-cream recipe. I'll try to dig it out...

Your vegetable patch is very smart indeed!

capello said...

so that's what that plant looks like....

joy said...

love the beret. love peaches. which is unfortunate for me, seeing as how i have no idea what the plant might be.

Papoosue said...

Definitely a rhubarb crumble!

Cathy said...

Huh! Rhubarb? I thought it looked a little like sorrel but then I haven't seen either plant in years... and everything tastes better with sugar and butter. If there is rhubarb involved, add strawberries.

Mia said...

Ok, I wanna play!

And if that's rhubarb.. get yourself some strawberries and make strawberry rhubarb jam... it rocks!!