The Essentials

We're off. And not a moment too soon.
Winter has been too much this year.
Depth and duration.

See you in March!


Raglans, Butter, Bees and Love

Almost done with Z's custom calculated top down raglan.

Would have met the birthday deadline 'cept the boy's got a giant noggin.
Need to rip the collar and reknit more loosely.

Did manage a top-down raglan fopr Puppy out of leftover Frosted Forest handspun. Super cute, huh? :-) His head's a little squishier than Z's so a little ear smashing as it goes on isn't a bother.

Look at him - he's not really bothered by much.

Z's quite pleased. His Tia made Puppy some jeans too. Next stop - pajamas. I'm hoping for a bunny suit. That may be a great idea for someone's Easter basket.

Here's a little one-day knit.

Was meant to celebrate the new bees in my bonnet. Looks more like a head basket.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!

Yarn: nuttnbunnyspunme worsted - butter

Still, it makes me happy. Guess what else makes me happy?

What time is it? Time to bee. :-)

And these - truly. Bees in my bonnett. Tough to photograph. Easy to love.

From the genius talent of Rebecca Hendriks, by appt only at True Blue Tattoo in Austin.

Still-life with Godzilla and baby. When you push her button she roars and rocks the little Valentine's bear. Thanks Z!

Love and sloppy mutant dinosaur kisses.