Frosted Forest Bainbridge Scarf

From the Hello Yarn Fiber Club this is Frosted Forest, the December 2007 edition.

50/50 Soy Silk/Wool Top
spun into 256 yards of
2ply sport weight.

So soft!!!

The next round of sign ups for the club are this Friday. I'm definitely going for another double.

Immediately knit into Bainbridge Scarf.
Trying to chip away at my Ravelry queue.
More aspirations are added to the list than FOs are completed.

It's been ridiculously cold here for the last week and it's supposed to continue for some time.

Luckily, my feet are warmly ensconsed in these glorious socks - a supremely surpriseful Pay it Forward giftie from Death by Yarn. Aren't they spectacular?

And I had just laid out all my handknit socks to try to figure out darn darning. A hole in each heel. 5 pairs = 10 holes. These have saved me!

And I can still feel the glow from our TX visit. Miss Julie and I had a wonderful time hanging out with 10% and SWMBO.

Boots were gotten. These are Andeson Bean red calf leather. Fit like a kick ass dream come true. Another pair being re-lasted so they fit perfectly.

Tattoos were gotten too. Not yet ready for prime-time. As soon as they heal up though. Let's just say I keep hearing a lovely warm buzz...

It's a damn turkey parade around here. Swear to the Sweet Mother of Tasty Yarn Cakes that there were 70+/- in the next field this morning.

Cast on for a b-day sweater for sweet Z. Top down raglan. Wonder if I should have given myself more than 2 weeks?

Lightning fingers off to knit. Hope you all stay warm!


Bobble me this, Riddler

Friday was rough. Z was down with the barfs.
During our Power Rangers marathon, and in between cuddling and trips to the bathroom, I got some knitting done.

Pattern: Frivoli

Yarn: nuttnbunnyspunme dk - goblin eyes
(Fiber from Spunky Club October 2007)

This is the grafted version. That classic socks pattern from Yankee Knitter has really helped my kitchener grafting knowledge and it was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Did have to turn the stereo off and wait till my guys were out of the house for an hour.

The illustrious nuttnhubby. My little hammie for the cammie.

Wasn't thrilled with this yarn in the skein but totally heart the way those stripes knit up.

Can't seem to stop with these Mini-Mitts. They're the perfect travel project.

Made a multi colored pair.

And a purple pair.

All are Koigu KPPPM leftovers from the beret phase. Have one more partial skein in the peachy color and then I'll try to obsess on another pattern.

One of the problems is that I keep giving them away. That's good news for some folks but leaves me with cold hands.

Spunky Club December 2007
Party Dress
4oz Superwash Corriedale

Nice brightness!

Spun into "She's So Unusual"
plied with some fuschia corriedale leftover from the stocking project.
360 yards of 2ply at 11 wpi. DK baby!

I feel like I just performed in a kickline at Halftime and am getting ready for the After-Game Dance. I'll wear a great dress and do a great two-step, but no one (and I mean no one) at Katy High will ever ask this gal for a dance. Not sad, just true.

I'm thinking legwarmers for the yarn. :-)

Once again the State of Minnesota has denied my application for a Turkey tag. What the...!!!

Consolation trip to TX booked. Heading down to meet Miss Julie and 10% in Harlingen this Friday for some custom boots and then to Austin for food, music and tattoo.

That should help!


Here it is!

Welcome to 2008! I resolve to keep my neck warm.

Pattern: Cherry Garcia
Yarn: my own handspun from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club November 2007 "Pie for Everyone" 4 oz Falkland Wool plied with BlueBells 95% Cormo and 5% Icicle from KnittyGritty in her Etsy shop

Here she is flat. Love the color transitions. Love using my handspun. Love how quickly this knit. Love it love it love it.

Had a little yarn leftover so made a Wristy Garcia for my rollergirl friend with ultrafresh style.


Handspun from Hello Yarn Fiber Club November 2007

Superwash Corriedale Wool Top

353 yardssporet weight at 12 wpi

My thinnest yarn yet!!!


2oz. brown cashmere 50/Tussah 50

Dyed by me with Landscapes Elements dyes.

Spun into 41 yards DK weight at 11wpi

Unbelievably soft.

Too bad I won't be spinning anymore cashmere.


Handspun from minibatts at Knitty Gritty's etsy shop

70 yards worsted weight at 10 wpi

95% Cormo and 5% Icicle

Navajo plyed (yipee!)

Jessicah sent me the most spectacular package!!

Pineapple lumps are a cruel sweet mistress. There were two bags (note: past tense).
I have consumed both. No regrets either.

Supremely gorgeous fabric!

She made these great ornaments. Straight to our tree they went.

And she printed the most adorable Pavlova recipe tea towel. She MUST make more of these. Can't wait to try the recipe.

Wonder if you can bake them EZ Bake style?