Bobble me this, Riddler

Friday was rough. Z was down with the barfs.
During our Power Rangers marathon, and in between cuddling and trips to the bathroom, I got some knitting done.

Pattern: Frivoli

Yarn: nuttnbunnyspunme dk - goblin eyes
(Fiber from Spunky Club October 2007)

This is the grafted version. That classic socks pattern from Yankee Knitter has really helped my kitchener grafting knowledge and it was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Did have to turn the stereo off and wait till my guys were out of the house for an hour.

The illustrious nuttnhubby. My little hammie for the cammie.

Wasn't thrilled with this yarn in the skein but totally heart the way those stripes knit up.

Can't seem to stop with these Mini-Mitts. They're the perfect travel project.

Made a multi colored pair.

And a purple pair.

All are Koigu KPPPM leftovers from the beret phase. Have one more partial skein in the peachy color and then I'll try to obsess on another pattern.

One of the problems is that I keep giving them away. That's good news for some folks but leaves me with cold hands.

Spunky Club December 2007
Party Dress
4oz Superwash Corriedale

Nice brightness!

Spun into "She's So Unusual"
plied with some fuschia corriedale leftover from the stocking project.
360 yards of 2ply at 11 wpi. DK baby!

I feel like I just performed in a kickline at Halftime and am getting ready for the After-Game Dance. I'll wear a great dress and do a great two-step, but no one (and I mean no one) at Katy High will ever ask this gal for a dance. Not sad, just true.

I'm thinking legwarmers for the yarn. :-)

Once again the State of Minnesota has denied my application for a Turkey tag. What the...!!!

Consolation trip to TX booked. Heading down to meet Miss Julie and 10% in Harlingen this Friday for some custom boots and then to Austin for food, music and tattoo.

That should help!


10% said...

Not to dissuade you from hunting the great state of Minnesota, but we don't have to draw for turkey tags in TX. November to mid January for the Fall season, and March to APril for the Spring season.

Ali said...

Sorry Mr Z was yakking. I think I may just have found my next knitting challenge (the mitts not the hat!!).
You do realize your alpaca got me into this don't you?

Chickenbells said...

Oh...what a fun hat! I tell you girl, I was out shopping for yarn myself today...a few projects I've been yearning to make myself in the works...I had to kidnap my mother though at one point, because I get into the yarn store, and I just kind of stand there all helpless and freaking out, and then really really confused. It's embarrassing. But, we worked through it...and I think I'm gonna' be OK...

oneredboot said...

your projects lately have been fabulous! so sorry i've been MIA lately--got your note on my blog that you will be in austin--that's awesome! i think we've crossed wires, though, b/c like you, i'm an austin transplant..moved away a few years ago and miss it like hell!! so, sadly, can't meet you for coffee at pacha. have a great time, and i'll be back to normal once my exams are over this week!!

Sasha said...

Ooh, cute hat! I am in working on something cabley and bobbly too. Lovely yarn, I wish I could get good enough at the spinning to be encouraged to do more spinning, what a conundrum!

Amy said...

VERY cool hat. I haven't really gotten the hang of bobbles yet, but that's a goal this year!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really have no idea what you're saying...turkey tag?? but you spin and knit so much and it's so pretty. In awe.

Anonymous said...

What a neat hat - I am just so impressed that you took a project from fiber to yarn to finished item, isn't it a great feeling??

I just love what you did with the cormo battlets also, thanks for the mention! =) Did you find they were "sheepy" when you were spinning them? I was doing some samples for the shop and found my usual forward draw wasn't working but they were quite happy with a backward draw.

Cathy said...

I love that hat! Stripes, cables, bobbles, all of it. I hope Z is feeling better and Minn. is feeling guilty!

Anonymous said...

Please, please come to Kansas to get your turkey! We have plenty! And tags seem to be pretty easy to get...just pay the fee and away you go! We have so many of them, they actually seem to be a problem. My friend had one fly into her windshield a few months ago.

tiennie said...

I love the way the hat stripes too! Such great projects.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Have a great trip to Texas! Hope Z is feeling better by now. Love your knitting. I may be learning how to in a few weeks! Or, I may just be jabbing myself with the needles; we'll see.

Lindsey said...

I hope Z is feeling better! Sometime soon I am going to hop on the fingerless-mitts bandwagon. I really need some quick and easy, instant-gratification type projects that will also help me destash a bit!

knitspaz said...

Love the Hat! come to Wisconsin to hunt, There are a BUTTLOAD of them in my yard! please kill some of them so I'm not attacked while hunting my deer! (I'll have to tell you the story sometime.)

Lindsey said...

They're quite dry now, thanks! :)