Beautiful Weapons

Mailed to my target today. And I still live. Recent blog comment from my assassin warns of impending doom. Fear I won't last much longer *gasp*.

Apologies for the wrinkly sock above. Promise that it's as well formed as it's brother below. Notice the rain drops on the picnic table. Had to make quick flight to the indoors. The light in there just doesn't make for good photos.

Heading off to NYC for the weekend. Guilty about taking a trip without my hubbie and little guy. But not guilty enough to cancel :-) Thus, I leave you with some maple pecan muffins for sustenance until I return.


International Sock of Doom

Sock One is done. The Lorna's Swirl DK is an absolute dream to knit. After the tournament I may have to acquire additional for knitting a pair for home. :-)

Of course, I'm assigned a target with size 11 feet. Jeez! Very kindly she's already sent me her mailing address. Prepare to die!

Poor YarnMonkey's been having a time of it what with a hurricane harassing Belfast, techie troubles and 700+ eager knitters on her heels.

Keep the faith dearest Monkey. 1400 bare feet stand behind you :-)

Sweet (literally) choco cake in honor of sweet (figuratively) hubbies birthday. Used a ridiculously easy recipe from Nigella Lawson's FEAST. Just dump all the ingredients in the food processor and whir away. Even for the frosting! Felt like a cheater.

Cake sits on a gorgeous cake plate painted by my Nana. At some point will have to highlight some of her talents here.

Edifying view of changing foliage from our living room window. Picked apples this weekend. The cortlands are ripe. I feel a baked apple pancake in our near future. 2-year-olds across the land rejoice. Heavenly!


Swaps and a finished project

Supreme swap package from Dons. I adore these fabrics! We arranged that she would send fabric and, in return, I'd make her some of those little japanese lunch bags. She's requested them of the white fabric with tiny pink roses. Since I gifted the original bags to Z's lovely AnnaNanna I may have to make myself a set out of the blues for keeps.

Can't wait to get started on Dons swap-return (have you already noticed that I'm great at starting things? :-) As the great SockWars begin on Friday, my sewing for her may have to wait until I've been assassinated. Most likely, it won't take long.

In addition to the lovely swap, Dons also included a giftie. Such a gorgeous apron (top photo includes the CD for scale). Best described as ample. Long (ideal for a tall gal like myself) and great "wrapage". Almost all the way around. Feels nice and snug. Great for someone inclined to wipe her hands on her pants while cooking (I know I shouldn't, but I do).

And the fabric! Her note said to use "as is" or to cut up for the fabric. Don't think I could desecrate it...

Completed the chenille washcloth. Happy with the pattern and think it will work out well (if it will hold up and dry sometime this century). Feels quite luxurious. Added a little loop for hanging in the shower. Sent it home with my friend, Linda. She'll send a report back on its utility.

Discovered that I don't really enjoy working with chenille. It's a little "sticky" if you know what I mean.



Recent stash additions include (clockwise from left) Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn in Clay, Lorna's Laces Swirl DK in Douglas Fir, Fortissima Color Socka Color in German, and Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Alpaca Sport Weight in Color 47 - a delectable green. All are dedicated to socks!

A couple came from my LYS and a couple from www.littleknits.com, a super site with lovely wares and supreme service.

Figure the Lorna's DK or Blue Sky will work for Sock Wars. Will be checking my gauge tonight. Emailed yarnmonkey to suggest that SockWars have a gift for the first person to be assassinated and offered to donate some sock yarn to the cause. We'll see what she says.

Was recently inspired by Echoes of a Dream and her dishcloth obsession. I, too, adore handknit washcloths. Been making them from standard cotton for some time... but then "got to thinkin."

Is it total insanity to make one of cotton chenille? Determined that it's only partial insanity which, quite simply, is no obstacle for me :-)

Anyone ever done this? Thoughts?


Compare and Contrast

It's the end of summer rush and everything seems to be happening at once. The garden is urgently spitting out produce. We have an obscene number of winter squash. Our near future certainly holds risotto and soup. Chard's doing well. As are okra, zucchini, carrots, beets. Too numerous to mention.

And the berries. Oh yes... the berries. These are the first that have made it into the house. A two-year-old berry fiend generally consume every available as it comes off the cane. Some are even consumed a little prematurely.
"Sour", he says, smiling sweetly and reaching for another.

Back to the baby socks. Here they are, side by side, old (above) and new (below). The new version with the ribbing are much more functional. Really don't fall off baby feet. The old version have a much nicer sculptural shape. Their striping pattern is more pleasing. Plus, everything looks better photographed on our old faded picnic table and deck :-)

Sock Wars registration is now closed now (over 700 participants!) and we've gotten our material assignments. I've never before knit socks with anything but fingering weight yarn so am enthusiastic about knitting with DK. Pattern distributed near months end. I'm anxious and eager.


Cute as a...

...pair of little baby socks. Forgot to add a little modification that adds greatly to baby socks - ribbing around the ankle to help those little socks stay on those little feet. Already cast on another pair and will shortly demonstrate the benfits in a compare/contrast.

Signed up for yarnmonkey's Sock Wars! There's still time to join (deadline Sept. 8)
The rules:

1. The first rule of Sock Wars is, you must talk about Sock Wars
2. The second rule of Sock Wars is, you MUST talk about Sock Wars.
(no really, for this to be a success we need as many combatants as possible)
3. Two socks to a fight
4. One fight at a time
5. No shirts, no shoes, just socks
6. Fights will go on as long as they have to
7. If this is your first time in Sock Wars, you have to fight.

Hard core!!!

Finished a felted bag from the Alterknits idea to salvage a thrift store sweater. OK, but not great. Gave it to my friend Tamsie for her son to carry rocks in :-)

And lastly, had a great time at the State Fair. Peterwas an excellent guide (in spite of the roughing up at the hands of the Fair administration) and, as always, Julie is a great Fair partner. We had a completely relaxed and informative time. Did you know there is a Newspaper Museum inside the fair? Or how much fun one can have watching the great moves at the Dance Dance Revolution game? Heavenly. Consumed some deep fried pickles, deep fried cheese curds, apple cider pops and pronto pups. Perfectly American.

There's a lovely yarn booth inside the Empire Commons Building where you can see the Butter Heads, eery representations of Princess Kay of the Milkyway and her minions. This is a super soft 25% Mohair, 70% VIrgin Wool, 5% Cashmere that's destined to warm my neck through the upcoming winter. Or I'll knit a scarf and give it away. Curse of the Woman who makes things! :-)