Swaps and a finished project

Supreme swap package from Dons. I adore these fabrics! We arranged that she would send fabric and, in return, I'd make her some of those little japanese lunch bags. She's requested them of the white fabric with tiny pink roses. Since I gifted the original bags to Z's lovely AnnaNanna I may have to make myself a set out of the blues for keeps.

Can't wait to get started on Dons swap-return (have you already noticed that I'm great at starting things? :-) As the great SockWars begin on Friday, my sewing for her may have to wait until I've been assassinated. Most likely, it won't take long.

In addition to the lovely swap, Dons also included a giftie. Such a gorgeous apron (top photo includes the CD for scale). Best described as ample. Long (ideal for a tall gal like myself) and great "wrapage". Almost all the way around. Feels nice and snug. Great for someone inclined to wipe her hands on her pants while cooking (I know I shouldn't, but I do).

And the fabric! Her note said to use "as is" or to cut up for the fabric. Don't think I could desecrate it...

Completed the chenille washcloth. Happy with the pattern and think it will work out well (if it will hold up and dry sometime this century). Feels quite luxurious. Added a little loop for hanging in the shower. Sent it home with my friend, Linda. She'll send a report back on its utility.

Discovered that I don't really enjoy working with chenille. It's a little "sticky" if you know what I mean.


Donna said...

Hooray it arrived safely. So glad you like it :-) The apron is huge isn't it but such delicious fabric. I couldn't cut it either ;-)

Cathy said...

Hey! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love the fabrics you received in the swap. I don't really like chenille either, and I don't like boucle.

capello said...

Very pretty fabrics!

(and I totally need a nedi-pot. I think I'm getting one this weekend, it's ridulous.)

babybug said...

great apron!