Beautiful Weapons

Mailed to my target today. And I still live. Recent blog comment from my assassin warns of impending doom. Fear I won't last much longer *gasp*.

Apologies for the wrinkly sock above. Promise that it's as well formed as it's brother below. Notice the rain drops on the picnic table. Had to make quick flight to the indoors. The light in there just doesn't make for good photos.

Heading off to NYC for the weekend. Guilty about taking a trip without my hubbie and little guy. But not guilty enough to cancel :-) Thus, I leave you with some maple pecan muffins for sustenance until I return.


Ali said...

Thank you - delicious. And please don't waste valuable shopping/leisure time feeling guilty! Somehow I don't think you will...

Eren said...

Those muffins look amazing...thanks for the comment on my flower frog. I have enjoyed checking out your blog and love the felted repurposed bag. Esp. that you gave it to a little boy to carry rocks. Cant stop laughing at that!!!