Ahhh... The Japanese Plum has burst into bloom and the Craftstrasvaganza was yesterday. Happiness.

So many great vendors and the lovers of craft were many. So many, in fact, that it, again, called into question why the "powers-that-be" consistently underestimate our numbers. Someday, I dream of a Craftsravaganza with sufficient space.

Highlights of the event:
  1. Attending with the illustrious Miss Julie. We agreed (in lieu of getting to the fairgrounds at the crack of dawn and being one of the first 100 - thereby securing a goodie bag) to meet at my home in the morning, hold her saplings in our barn for a couple days, and make waffles (yum) . I do love the goodies so Miss Julie arrived bearing a compensatory goodie bag, complete with a 6 month extension to the Yarn of the Month Club. We all benefit! :-)

  2. The sweet Owl above from Crabtree Studio. Superb softies. No joke.
    This little guy is for Z who believes an Owl sleeps outside his window at night to keep him safe. Who am I to argue?

  3. Boiled Art Editions by the talented Brian who's just finishing his residency at the Highpoint Center for Printmaking and who...

  4. Had printed one of Eireann's (recently arrived in Minnie from Paris and recently published) poems. I regrettably didn't purchase so will email Brian to get one post-event.

  5. This cuzzie from FuzFrensy. Super cute, and it works on Dr. Pepper! :-)

  6. And Aisha who will be teaching a spinning class at Crafty Planet in June. I am so there!
I have lots of WIP Progress but this feels like a lot so I'll save the rest for later in the week.

Stay tuned for an impending give-a-way announcement!!!


One for the road...

A new Baby Bobbi Bear WIP.

Last night in a knitting frenzy (and while watching Dodgeball - don't ask) I obliterated the evidence of my modification/improvement - the provisional cast on! You should have seen it.

Illustrations are here, here, here, and here. Uber cool.
Worked like a dream and now he is totally SEAMLESS!

In other news, don't forget to stop by the Ester Knit-a-long site.
Still time to sign up!


What's Going On?


I've determined to continue with the Friday Groove...
and add a component.

The first 5 songs when I shuffle my Ipod. Mr. Pod as he's known to some.
  1. Edith Piaf - One Little Man (He cries alone for his love. So sad.)
  2. Alison Krauss - Forgotten Pictures (Banjo lessons are in my 5 year plan. Chickens are too. Three Hens a-laying - but that's a different thing altogether. Or is it?)
  3. Mos Def - Modern Marvel (This life...)
  4. White Stripes - Instinct Blues (Come on and get with it!)
  5. Beastie Boys - Unite (What else, really)

Well that's just plain strange!

Heading to DC early next week so I'll be out until Thursday.
Have a great weekend.


So not spinning... yet.

Assembled materials: spindle, fiber and directions.

I'm a relatively intelligent woman.
I've done research.
Searched the net and youtube.
Watched tutorials.
Read descriptions.

And I just can't seem to get this to all work out.
For God's sake, I can weld and I can't do this?!?!?

I'm going to keep at it. Think I may need some in-person support.
I have a call in to the resident expert at the LYS but haven't heard back yet.
Anyone out there want to be my lifeline?

On a happier note... Yarn of the Month Club for April is swatched (clockwise from upper left):
  • Tatmy Tweed by Kraemer Yarns - I knit it at 4.25 st/inch.
    Easy to knit and soft but, mweh. Nothing distinctive, plus it's got a bunch of acrylic in it. Listen to me! What a snob.
  • Breeze by Karabella Yarns - The only one I knit to projected gauge at 5.5 st/inch.
    Winner by a long shot. A beautiful light weight silk/cashmere. I may have to add this one to the list using the lovely tank pattern that came with this month's yarns.
  • Laser by Feza - I knit it at 5.25 st/inch.
    Wierd, something so... how you say it, artificial. Can't imagine what one would ever knit with this. And I had such high hopes.
  • Balance by O-Wool - I knit it at 4.75 st/inch
    Again with the O-Wool, good ethics but nothing I'd want against my skin. It's a little "sticky".

And a little present to myself. Malabrigo Kettle Dyed Pure Merino. I'll just call her "yum".
In Verdes. To celebrate the coming of spring. I've been told it really is on the way.

What should she become?

A scarf? Fingerless Mitts? Who has advice? A pattern to suggest?


Bearily, I say unto you...

One bear down, two to go.
He's a little sloppy but I learned tons and look forward to making more.
That Blue Sky Cotton! It's all good. The pattern is theirs too.

Z thought he was great.

And immediately found his "ROARING" voice.

Baby Jack, Bear's intended, regarded it all very warily.
We're sure they'll be fast friends in the not too distant future.


Groove Me

Z and I are heading off to Baby Loves Disco this weekend. In honor of our impending busting loose here's a Friday Groove.

Maybe this will become a Friday tradition. Something to send us off well into the weekend.

Snap those crafty fingers, Ladies.
Shimmy shimmy.

If we ever have another child I will name him/her Mongo.


Man, I'm stuffed!

Baby Bobbi Bear progress.

He's so stinking cute, even while doing his Edward Scissorhands impersonation.

Will complete tonight and start the next one.
To my beret obsession I've added bears.

The next beret. Nice spring colors. I highly recommend the Koigu KPPM.
And knitting berets :-)

KnitPicks Main Line arrives for the Ester KAL.
Three Musketeers thus far. Christina Marie has joined! I'm so super excited!! Excessive-use-of-exclamation marks excited!!!!!

Check out her blog. Email me or comment if you're in. Strength in numbers. That kind of thing.

Reminder - we cast on May 1.

Also picked up some of their discontinued "Dancing" fingering weight. I love this for socks and am really disappointed it is no longer.
It's slightly tubular (like, totally) and springy.

Got enough for 2 adult pairs and 1 kids pair per color. Then I'm on a quest for a cost-efficient replacement. I love the Lorna's but it's a little tough on the wallet. Suggestions?

It's snowing AGAIN! But a couple of days ago - a veritable flurry of robins. Our whole yard was peppered with them. Too bad I don't have a wide angle lens.


From Ester to Easter

Hope you all had a wonderful easter. Eggs dyed in the nuttnbunny super speed method. Colander, vinegar and food coloring. Drip drop swish rinse dry.

I can do 5 dz in about 15 minutes. Mama doesn't mess around. Plus I think they're pretty. Kind of planetary in an eggish sort of way.

And since Easter is all about rebirth and coming alive let's check out...

40th Birthday Golden Clogs! Thanks nuttnHubby!!

New kicks appropriate for embarking on a new decade. Comfort and style. Perfect to carry me forward.

I'm thankful for all the prior decades and truly look forward to this one. I feel like I really started to become myself in my 30s and look forward to knowing me better and trusting me more in my 40s.

Finished another beret. Knitting with the Koigu! "Love" is too mild a word.

Tragic yarn shortage for the Baby Bobbi Bear. Off to the LYS today for the remedy, for which they still have in the right dye-lot. I'm so lucky!

The April Yarn of the Month Club (clockwise from upper left).
  • Tatmy Tweed by Kraemer Yarns
    5 sts/inch on US 7s
    60% acrylic, 40% cotton
  • Laser by Feza (which is so fun to say out loud)
    5.25 sts/inch on US 6s
    100% nylon
  • Balance by O-Wool
    5 sts/inch on US 6s
    50% organic cotton, 50% organic merino
  • Breeze by Karabella Yarns
    5.5 sts/inch on US 4s
    60% silk, 40% cashmere
The pattern is for a really beautiful tank/cami. Adding it to my to-do list on the sidebar. Looks like a great pattern.

This, of course, highlights the fact that I haven't swatched the previous month. It still looks like this:

Nothing has changed. Now I realize that I don't like to knit lace yarn. My level of knitting obsession guarantees that f I was at all enthused I would have sat right down and finished it up.

But I won't.

YOTM delivers: I now know something I don't like. And there is value in that...

Sage words from a 40 yr old! :-)


Ester KAL

Aside from the fact that it snowed night before last (Hello! It's April)
and I live just about as far from wisteria as possible (sadness)
the news in nuttnland is the making of a Knitalong.
(or should I say a "nuttalong"!)

Jessicah from Spinning a Yarn and I have been brewing it for a while now.
Time to pull the proverbial trigger.

New to knitting and want something to stretch your wings??
Cable experts who want to cable w/o cable needles?
Just looking for kicks and giggles?
Come one, come all.

Won't you join us? We'll be so happy.

My yarn is ordered (blueberry, baby!).
True to the pattern notes, we've both chosen purplish yarns.
But don't feel constrained.

Tell your friends and neighbors! Blog boldly.

Email me (nuttnbunny at hotmail dot com) or comment to sign on.
Registration deadline is April 30. We cast-on May 1.

NO big pressure here. The goal is to complete for use this fall.
Stretch it to winter if you like.
Say "May 2" if you need that kind of deadline.

If enough folks enroll we'll create a blog for us all. Otherwise I'll track participants in my sidebar and post progress on folks behalf
(unless someone wants to counsel me otherwise).

Check the listings for 2007 Knit-a-longs and Swaps
(thanks for the tip Tiennie!)


Holy Mother of Tasty Yarn Cakes!

A present from my Mom. A dreamy drop spindle kit from Louet.
Can't wait to give it a spin (sorry - couldn't resist). Thanks Mama!!!

A thrifted sewing book...

Gift for Littlest Sis, mother of Moonpie (soon-to-be-two-years-old).
God knows, Mama's deserve gifts! Happy Almost Birthday, Moonpie!

WIP for aforementioned Moonpie b-day. As soon as this is posted I'm heading off to knit. I'm guessing another 2 days.

You'll be please to know that this is the Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton discovered via the Yarn of the Month club.
I had sworn an oath of utility and am following through.

This yarn is the stuff of dreams.

Lastly - Ordered some yarn for a KAL which will be announced shortly. Any advice/tips for starting a KAL?