Stinking Blogger

What is it with my technology recently?!?!
No internet service followed by Blogger's denial of photo uploads.

Drat, drat and double drat.


In the interim - 10% (who has exceptional tech skills) has posted a great Z pic.



Sorry for the silence. Been struggling with internet problems.
Does free up more time for the fiber arts though. :-)

146 yards
aran weight/8 wpi
fiber from Hello Yarn

Recently had a spinning wheel epiphany. Modifications to tensioning system and treadle makes for MUCH better spinning. Ahhh. I no longer feel like I'm fighting with the wheel.

116 yards
2 ply
Worsted weight

This fiber was a gift from Keri (Thanks Keri!!) from whom I've just bought some mini-batts. Check out her Etsy page. How can you resist?
I have one of those little project bags. Gorgeous.

There's also been some knitting. This a Fetching hat.

Last but not least, the whole family came up for Thanksgiving.
Lots of fun and food.
Sad to see them go.

Will post the pie details on Bake Along. You should join us there.
I'll be offering a prize for signups and posts in December and January!
Don't miss it!

Grammie's turning 60 next week.
Held her celebration while everyone was collected.
The Littles helped her open presents.
Miss Snowsuit is "Moonpie", Z's sweet cousin and a total dreamboat.

Happy Birthday Grammie!



Baked Alaska Urchin

Pattern: Urchin
Yarn: Baked Alaska from the Hello Yarn Fiber Club October
Modification: Used size 13 needles and only knit 6 wedges
Duration: 2 evenings
(While watching Talladega Nights. I have a thing for Will Ferrell movies)

Loved knitting this pattern even though I had to frog it a couple times. Took a couple passes to figure out my tracking system for this one. Short rows are my friends now.

Love that it's shaped like a Baked Alaska.

Also love that I feel a little like channeling Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde while wearing. Her wardrobe and styling in that film are exceptional.

Another FO from my own handspun. Serious satisfaction.

More spinning.

Hello Yarn Fiber Club September 2007 "Maldives" Merino 210 Yards 9 wpi

This brings me all up to date on the fiber clubs. Yeah! Esp. since I just placed another Hello Yarn order. I can't help myself.

Another attempt at Navajo Plying. Soon I may have to try an entire bobbin's worth.

And more spinning. Cybercandycane. 2 Slivers of Corriedale plyed together into 115yds of worsted weight. More on the way. Soon to be knit into a Christmas Stocking. 'Tis the Season. :-)

I joined the local Spinning Guild. Super excited to hang with the gals on the first Saturday of each month at the Osceola, WI Medical Center. Some are knitters, some are spinners. Everyone's welcome so... Come on!


At loose ends

Well, it seemed like a good idea. Now I'm not so sure. Z chose the colors and given his penchance for "stripey" clothing we determined to make him some appropriate mitts.

Man! I like this pattern much more as a solid. So fussy to switch colors and it gets all wonky with the thumb gusset increases.

Not to mention the ends. The ends!

Oh ye of much knowledge. Suggestions please. Pattern? Technique?

I have SERIOUS second mitt syndrome. This is a problem because, as you will see, it's getting a little chilly up here.

Goblin Eyes. 4 oz. of Spunky Club Romney spun into 130 yds of worsted weight 2 ply. Loving those color comboes. Maybe I'll give some mittens a chance.

The vibrancy died down a bit in setting the twist. Lots of dye on my fingers and in the rinse too. Hmmm...

Here's the Maldives from Hello Yarn Club September. Three stages of prep and ready to spin. Don't those colors look SMASHING against the red couch?!?!?

It snowed quite a bit yesterday but nothing stuck. Above is Z's snow pic.

Note: lower right corner - "When Good Pumpkins go Bad!"