Sorry for the silence. Been struggling with internet problems.
Does free up more time for the fiber arts though. :-)

146 yards
aran weight/8 wpi
fiber from Hello Yarn

Recently had a spinning wheel epiphany. Modifications to tensioning system and treadle makes for MUCH better spinning. Ahhh. I no longer feel like I'm fighting with the wheel.

116 yards
2 ply
Worsted weight

This fiber was a gift from Keri (Thanks Keri!!) from whom I've just bought some mini-batts. Check out her Etsy page. How can you resist?
I have one of those little project bags. Gorgeous.

There's also been some knitting. This a Fetching hat.

Last but not least, the whole family came up for Thanksgiving.
Lots of fun and food.
Sad to see them go.

Will post the pie details on Bake Along. You should join us there.
I'll be offering a prize for signups and posts in December and January!
Don't miss it!

Grammie's turning 60 next week.
Held her celebration while everyone was collected.
The Littles helped her open presents.
Miss Snowsuit is "Moonpie", Z's sweet cousin and a total dreamboat.

Happy Birthday Grammie!



Katie said...

a BAKEALONG?? sounds awesome. I'm sending that email like right now.

Your pies look delicious!

Chickenbells said...

Oh...it looks like you've been quite busy. How nice to have the whole family around for the holiday as well!

Lindsey said...

Oooh look at all the lovely yarn and pie. Two of my favorite hand-made things! I'm glad you had a nice holiday!

Lulu said...

Mmmmmm....pie. Mmmmmmm....yarn. That butter yarn seems very apropos, makes me want to bake something...ok I mean eat something. Any room in that bake along for a Gluten Free / Casein Free /Dairy Free challenged baker like me? I'm experimenting with using coconut milk as a substitute for sweetened condensed milk.

keri said...

Awe thanks for the shoutout, that's so sweet of you! =)

I love your new finished spinning, both skeins are gorgeous and that buttered popcorn one looks really soft and fluffy!

tiennie said...

Lovely stuff! Hope you had a great holiday!