It comes as no surprise.

I adore my power symbol and may get one for myself for Christmas, in July.
BTW - I knew you would think that :-)

Your Birthdate: April 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July


Solid Ground

As promised, the Lorna's socks are complete!

They look great and feel even better. Holy Cow! Those are some big feet!

Love knitting socks so much. Started some for Viki's new baby. When little Setsuko arrives in January she'll have some sweet warm woolies to keep her piggies toastie.

SPOILER (Don't look, Donna):

Ready to ship a couple bags to the ever patient Donna.

The trouble will be choosing with which I can bear to part.

Really happy with how they've turned out. Bias tape and French Seams. Going to make another set out of the beautiful blues that Donna sent to initiate the swap. Tell me when you're sick of seeing these :-)

Next stop: The large handbag. The gathering may kill me.

AND: The Christmas List


I'll be back...

Taking the short one to visit his grands and great-grands.
Between that and the insane workload/travel schedule for The Job I won't be able to post next week.

I promise a fruitfull return of completed projects and carved pumpkins.
You know those socks will get done on the plane.

Please don't abandon me.


Oui, Oui, Oui!

Aha! Thanks to Sarah, total genius, for the tip. The solution to all my problems (if only): French Seams.

What a dream!! This is my first attempt and I'm so happy. Of course, this means that I've constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed these bags three times. Totally worth it, but I really don't want to rip anymore seams.

Super clean and super simple. No fraying edges. Stronger constitution. So glad I did this before finishing the "big bag" which will follow soon after.

Also trying to loosely baste the bias tape top edging before sewing it down. Then I'll remove the basting. I know that, technically, you're supposed to sew one side, then the other but want to (1) shorten the process and (2) have only one row of stitching.

Learned so much participating in SockWars. Made conceptual leaps of fundamental understanding and have been able to translate those learnings into real impact for future socks. These are of the Lorna's Laces Shepherds Socks.

Improvements include:
  • Picking up an extra stitch btw side and front needles for the heel gusset, doing an extra K2tog twisted to "close the gap"
  • Continuation of the rib (k3, p2) pattern across the top of the foot
  • Banded toe decreases
Wait till you see these puppies in action. Polished! I may be up to entering socks in the State Fair next year. So bold.

Certainly running out of days for taking photos out on the picnic table. It did snow all day last Wed and more is sure to come.

A couple of the fruits of our labor. Soons to be carved for Halloween.

Picked tons of winter squash and gourds today. Need a final herb harvest. Already saved the basil. Still have rosemary, thyme, and rosemary. Enough to keep all our friends in good seasoning all winter.


More lunch

Working on the lunch bags for Donna (and myself :)
The learning continues. This is a practice run implementing minor improvements before sewing the official swap bags. Improvements are mostly around the use of bias tape. Would love some feedback/tips on utilization.

Above is the finished bag in standing, tied position. Really like this presentation. Constructed with the fabric inside-out so the brightness is on the inside. The subtlety meshes well with the simplicity of the finished bag.

It's technically "wrong-side-out". I'm making those for Donna with the fabric "right-side-out".

Finished bag - standing and open. You can really see the contrast of colors interior v. exterior. Note bias tape on the internal bottom seam. Didn't use it on the side seams but will moving forward. In addition to a nice finish it should add just a touch more structure. Haven't quite figured out how to negotiate the intersection between tape and stitching.

Also don't know is how to well treat the bias tape ends. They're so "frazzly". Tips?

On the outer, handle edge I attempted to fold the tape under and sew it down. Amateurish. Is it an issue of practice or am I missing crucial technical knowledge?

Last night while watching "Zorro" (don't ask) and working on these I started dreaming of them on a larger scale. Hmmm...


Glorious Destruction

Thank you, Lady Cairean, for such a justifiable demise. Note the toe fuzz on the right foot. Already I've been wearing them like crazy. Such a lovely pattern. These are a righteous Aussie Merino. Feel like I should send the Lady a gift in return. Ideas?

I'll now begin work on the lunch bags for Donna (check out her chic new 'do'). Really looking forward to sewing them. I've envisioned some improvements.

Two bunnies have planned a sweets swap! One Nuttn and one Wierd. Should be good! We've got some wacky Minnesota specific stuff.

Had a fantastic NYC gals' weekend with two of my dearest. Tons of walking, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (with an unexpected Chili Pepper Festival), heavenly meals (Hasaki and Noodle Pudding are spots I never miss when I visit), and fabulous Vivienne Westwood acquisitions from the Century 21 location in Brooklyn. I'm so happy to be home...

Autumn really is upon us. One of the sugar maples in the front yard has lost all her foliage. Her brother is a little slower, but he's all golden now. The frogs are out. Every night I turn on the porch light, watch them climb the windows and graze at the ensuing moth buffet. It's a little stressful - I can't decide which side I'm rooting for :-)