For crying out loud...

My plan is to create this astonishingly beautiful bag
(same pattern book as the lunchbags).

Studied the pattern (what a great visual decription)
and deciphered it's meaning.

Found the perfect fabric - strawbag, who would believe it.

Made temporary patterns from the sport section
(I really like the sports section now :-)

Embarked on the execution...

Well... The "gathering" thing is giving me a little bit of a fit.

Let's investigate:
1) Sewed a slim margin along the top of each body piece
3) Left the 8cm buffer on each side of the body pieces as indicated by the pattern
2) Attempted to "shimmy" the fabric along to create the gathers
3) Realized that the two body pieces needed to be EXACTLY the same
4) Matched them up - as they were when I cut them from the cloth
5) Attempted to "shimmy" (yes, that is the technical term) the fabric in synchronicity
6) The thread broke - yes, broke

Deep breath. I'm going to painstakingly remove the edge I've sewn and try it again but would appreciate any advice.

I really can't wait to have this bag.
I need to have this bag. I will have this bag...


Donna said...

Hehehe I made bags for everyone last Christmas. The pattern was my own invention and they were made with much muttering and swearing under my breath! I can't wait to see the finished article.

Sasha said...

Wow, at first glace it looked like she was wearing that bag! Very cool style and love the fabric.

Umm, stronger thread and leave longer ends for ease of pulling? I don't know really, best of luck!

Megan said...

Hi ya, if you haven't finished this already, when you sew gathers you have to make two basting lines next to each other and pull them both up, otherwise, yeah, the thread breaks.

Never seen a bag like it before.

babybug said...

oh yes, nice bag :)