Results - Japanese Lunch Bags

Things I'm happy with on the completed lunch bags:
  1. I followed the pattern
  2. Construction seems solid
  3. Fabrics look wonderful together
  4. I've learned a lot already
Things to improve:
  1. Tops edges on handles didn't really "round" well
  2. The exposed seams on the inside bother me. I think I'll do another set with a lining and see how that goes
  3. Stop burning my fingers when ironing down the edges to turn them under before sewing :-)
I've been thinking about to what purpose I've created this blog and I think the answer is quite simple. I'd like to have a forum for communicating with and learning from other people who are involved in creating things. I need to figure out how to get in the loop. How do you get folks to read your blog?

Ali H. has already given me some great advice on creating and structuring the blog. Thanks Ali! It's nice to have virtual friends.


Ali said...

Pretty, pretty finished bags.

I'd say comment on blogs you like - I always check out the blogs of anyone who comments on mine.

Going to send a quick starter plug your way too!

weirdbunny said...

LOve the bags!
Usually if some one comments on my blog, I then go to their blog and see what they have been up to. So sart commenting on their blogs. Also a profile photo, or picture is good, it will then come up by your comments. If they are intresting I can't wait to see their blog. Set one up.

Megan said...

Hi there, very cute bags. Have to third the commenting notion - if you comment on blogs you enjoy, chances are they'll enjoy yours too and when they see a new name pop up they'll come over and check you out.

Enjoy the ride!

Megan said...

PS - Joining in a community project that you enjoy - like Angry Chicken's Tie One On where you make an apron every month, or The Pincushion Challenge where you make a pincushion every two months, or the Whiplash Challenges, Self Portrait Challenge etc., is also a great way to meet fellow bloggers and get your blog known.

Momma Pajama said...

Hi there, I came over via Ali's. I'd say, post a profile picture (even if it is an old kindergarden one like mine), comment on blogs, and join challenges (I do Illustration Friday, Inspire Me Thursday, A Year of Color). Oh yeah, and give something away to whoever posts a comment (like I did on my sushi wallet). Glad to meet you!

caroline said...

Hello - I too came via Ali. I am a new blogger myself, I started just a couple of months ago, and I pretty much agree with everything everybody else has said. I have also found joining Flickr groups a great way of finding other people and encouraging others to browse my blog.

I wish you good luck and hope you have lots of fun.

madmommy said...

Welcome to the blogospere! I love those japanese lunch bags...reminds me I need to start ordering some of those books from amazon.com soon. And don't worry, you'll be hooked on this blog thing in no time and then find yourself with a bloglist a mile long!

Sasha said...

Those are fun little bags, nice fabric choice too, lovely green.

My suggestion, post regularly (it doesn't need to be every day or even every other day, just enough to encourage people to keep visiting (you are off to a good start!) You can show us what you are thinking about or working on or what inspires you.

Have fun with it!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

These bags are so unique. I have never seen them before. I learned about your new blog through WeirdBunny.

Donna said...

These are lovely, really pretty. Where did you get the pattern?

I burn my fingers and my tummy regularly if I am not paying attention!

Lexi & Lolly said...

Oh my - how cute are those lunch bags! I went through a slightly obsessive thing with bento boxes and japanese-y lunch bags a while back but didn't have the $90 odd to buy one on-line *ywouch!*. Would love to know how to get hold of the pattern (any tips re: name of the magazine?). :)

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