The Grand Machine

Haven't yet had time to try out the basting stitch method for creating gathers. Am sure it will work. Unfortunately, I don't think I can set my stitch length lower than "6" - this might mean I'll be hand-basting. There are worse things...

Too much going on here at the end of summer. You might not believe me but I've seen trees with leaves that are starting to change. Insanity! Today kicked off the Minnesota State Fair and I say halleluiah!

This year my dear friend, Jules, and I have retained the services of an expert guide, Peter Haakon Thompson. We, ourselves, are devoted to the State Fair and might even be considered to be semi-pro but this year wanted to raise the bar and find an innovative way to experience one of the best events of the year. Will keep you posted.

Didn't enter anything in the Fair this year. Last year I entered (and had accepted) "Cheesecloth", this photograph of the soon-to-be Farmhouse Cheddar that Julie and I made. We aged it for 6 months and then ate it up. Two gallons of milk yield shockingly little cheese - not much to share. I look forward to making more cheese. Next up: fresh mozzarella and goat cheese. Yum! Maybe someday I'll be bold enough to enter the actual cheese into the Fair :-)

Other terrific news for me, here in blogland, is that the illustrious Dons has agreed to swap with me. She'll send lovely vintage fabric and in return I'll make her some of those little japanese lunch bags. Those of the "bags-that-got-the-whole-thing-rolling" fame. She's got another great crafty blog too.

She turned me on the this great addition to the trading universe.

Lastly, if you haven't already - it's not too late to sign on for the 5-4-3-2...etsy! challenge.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Is your cheese made from raw milk or store milk? Or both in some states? We have access to some raw milk and I had thoughts of making cheese. I hope to hear more about your cheese making experiences. It sounds lovely.

Donna said...

Wow cheese making. I remember my sister and I making butter once when we were little girls by shaking milk in a jar until it turned into butter. It was a whole lot of milk, a lot of shaking but only the tiniest blob of butter for our efforts, hahahaha! Fun though :-)

I shall be selecting a lovely batch of fabrics for you on my return from my holidays. Bye for now xxx

bigbucketgirl said...

my dh would love to make cheese like that. wow.

just thought i'd let you know i've gone to typepad because blogger wasn't being friends!
see you soon.

Kate said...

That is a very cool sewing machine!