The lovely Dashing for Fingerless Mitts for Fall KAL.

Pattern: Dashing
Yarn: See Jayne Knit - Brandy in the Garden - 100% wool - 100 g/200yds
Needles: US6

Love these colors. Love this yarn.

It's v. hard to take a pic of your own two hands!

This is my first pair of fingerless mitts and I adore them. Will be a little sad to give them away - but it's the right this to do. :-)

Cuz it's time to start "Paying it Forward!" I'll list the chosen bloggers (and choosing methodology) in my next post.

Check out the goodies from Jessicah! A gorgeous little case she made, a dino track bag for Z (he was t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d to get a present) containing a T-Rex cookie cutter (gingery dino goodness on the way) and smarties (I only ate 3!). And a giant bag-0-roving for my spinning joy. Aren't those colors so Caribbean?

Lovely embroidery. :-)
She made this for her 1 year/100 posts celebration.
Thank you thank you thank you thankyouyouyou!!!!

And roving from Keri! I hadn't noticed the red in this until taking the photo on the porch and the leaf fell next to it. Total heaven. Thanks Keri!!!! Pure sheep sunshine!

I'm so fortunate to have such great friends...

btw - With the change in the weather I'm not sure how much more outdoor photos there will be this year. Yikes!

Treat from Hello Yarn has had her twist set. Another batch of bouncy goodness. Going to knit this one up for a Scarf to raffle in our office United Way drive in October. If I have enough gumption I'll spin up the other 1/2 and make matching hat and mitts.

In Z-land - we made a cake and he happily cleaned the spatula.
Yes - I'm "that" mom. The one who risks salmonella as a trade-off for Z's happiness. Seriously, if this is the biggest risk I take, we're all doing well.

"Can I PLEASE have just ONE sprinkle????"

Happy Birthday nuttnhubby! Here's to many many more. xoxoxo...


Treat - 4oz of Hello Yarn Merino. And a treat it is. Sumptuously soft.

AND... I have another 4oz bag!

Thought I'd spin up bag one, learn some stuff, then spin bag two to see what improves. :-)

AND!!!... I have 8oz of "Citrus", also Merino.

I am one seriously lucky gal.
Expect that the Fiber of the Month - Hello Yarn and Spunky - club stuff will arrive soon.

Cast on for Fetching in the Fingerless Mitts KAL.

A veritable vat of Garden tomato goodness. A good thing, too, because...

this weekend everything froze. Utter devastation.

Sadness tempered only by the promise of pumpkins.
They're turning gold-y-er by the second.

Z came home from school with this note stickered to his back. I wish someone would provide my daily instruction so efficiently and clearly.


Last days of summer - shawls and smoke bombs

Mollusc Shawl is complete. Love that striping. Something mildly "shellish" about it.

Used a K2tog cast off which keeps the edge tight. Next time I'll use something a little looser.

Really enjoyed the meditative quality of the garter stitch.

Just a little somethin' to throw across your shoulders as the nights begin to hold a little cool. A sweet and simple knotted front.

A subtley triangular back.

Was about 75% complete when I realized that I wanted a softer "point" of the triangle so "froggy came a courtin" and I cast on again with three initial stitches instead of one. Much, much better.

Met the FABULOUS Laura of Orinda5 and her sweet family on Saturday at the Franconia Sculpture Park Fall Gala. Total blast. She brought me the loveliest stitch markers ever. Stretch Markers. Keep checking her Etsy shop and grab them up when she posts them. They are the best I've ever seen.

She and I didn't get as much knitting done as I'd hoped. Hopefully we can get together again (sans children?) to try to get the knit on. Anyone want to meet us at the Park some weekend?

With all the Sculpture Park activity, nuttnhubby's been working like a madman. What's a nuttnmama and son to do to entertain themselves?

Smoke Bombs!!!

Set em up carefully.

Best to light two at a time. Color theory and all that jazz.


Herringbone Scarf is complete.

In all her snakey splendor. Adoring the backside equal to the front.
But you know my recent garter scarf fascination.

And flat as a pancake. Loving the color progressions.

Hello Yarn Fiber of the Month club for August.
. 4oz Wensleydale Wool Top.

Spun into singles.

I tried spinning from the fold but it felt too clumpy and fiddly. Came back to spinning from the end and thought it was so beautiful as singles.

Sitting lovely on the bobbin.

Waiting to set the twist.


In her final yarn incarnation.

Next evolutionary step? I'm thinking a neckerchiefy based on a traditional Faroese Shawl pattern.

I know. With this and the Garters, and Herringbone Scarf, it's a lot of neck warming. Cut me some slack. We live in Minnesota and seriously...

the leaves in the front lawn are already changing!!

Z totally dominates the road.

Note the adorable comparison to Adam of Yarn Nerd fame on his new wheels. :-)

The bummer of a backstory is that there was dedication to purchasing from our local bike shop. Went in and not only was the staff surly and decidedly unhelpful but they wanted $150!!!! for a small child's bike.

Unfortunately I was unable to accommodate them.

Thus, we went to WalMart (how I despise thee) and got this little gem for $30. Curses and joy together!!


As I was saying: The Herringbone Scarf of my dreams.
Hope to finish her up tonight.

This yarn! These colors!! This pattern!!! Beside myself with joy.

Identified my "Pay it Forward" folks and will announce in the next post. I'm torn btw. keeping Scrappy Herringbone for myself and paying her forward. :-)

Next up in spinning is Mollusk. Exceptionally soft, long staple Wensleydale (I thought that was only a cheese :-) from the Hello Yarn Fiber of the Month Club. I'm a zombie slave to her fiber.

Also joined Spunky Eclectic Club. I am greedy.

The garden is yielding melon. This a Minnesota Midget heirloom. Tee-tiny. That's an 8" Chef's knife in the background. Super yum!

Ahh... the State Fair.

Next year I'm entering knitting and baking. As Miss Julie is my witness. I'm holding her to her pledge too. Set your expectations to award winners.