Herringbone Scarf is complete.

In all her snakey splendor. Adoring the backside equal to the front.
But you know my recent garter scarf fascination.

And flat as a pancake. Loving the color progressions.

Hello Yarn Fiber of the Month club for August.
. 4oz Wensleydale Wool Top.

Spun into singles.

I tried spinning from the fold but it felt too clumpy and fiddly. Came back to spinning from the end and thought it was so beautiful as singles.

Sitting lovely on the bobbin.

Waiting to set the twist.


In her final yarn incarnation.

Next evolutionary step? I'm thinking a neckerchiefy based on a traditional Faroese Shawl pattern.

I know. With this and the Garters, and Herringbone Scarf, it's a lot of neck warming. Cut me some slack. We live in Minnesota and seriously...

the leaves in the front lawn are already changing!!

Z totally dominates the road.

Note the adorable comparison to Adam of Yarn Nerd fame on his new wheels. :-)

The bummer of a backstory is that there was dedication to purchasing from our local bike shop. Went in and not only was the staff surly and decidedly unhelpful but they wanted $150!!!! for a small child's bike.

Unfortunately I was unable to accommodate them.

Thus, we went to WalMart (how I despise thee) and got this little gem for $30. Curses and joy together!!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yes, it is hard to go 'local' when it means paying through the nose! We try to hold off on the $100+ bikes until they are riding without training wheels, y/k?

And, Minnesota???? I'm an idiot---how did I get "Portland or Seattle" in my head? Well, that certainly explains your need for many scarfs!

laura said...

Ooos and Ahhhs:

Ooo! Your latest yarn is quite lovely!

Ahhh... there is nothing like the excitement of a new conveyance for a young one.

Jennifer said...

That is some gorgeous handspun... I do try to avoid the Evil Empire (W-mart) as often as possible--but occasionally you get stuck going there... But if you only go a few days a year, you're not giving them too much of your money... (And he looks so happy on the bike!)

katie said...

love that herringbone pattern. and the hello yarn colorway is lovely. i really want to join the next round, but i just joined the spunky eclectic club and i haven't even spun up my first fiber from that yet.ht

Jessicah said...

I might have had a to wipe a little drool off the keyboard- that fibre is beautiful! As for the bike...excellent. My first twowheeler was "The Blue Terror", which my grandad had resurrected from the rafters of his garage for me. And I'm hopefully going to get around to sending off you package tommorow....

Ali said...

You have the best dressed neck!

Johnny has just conquered the bike - freedom! And yes, we too had to say no to the independent shop super pricey version. Although I did buy mine from there.

How did things go on Wednesday?

keri said...

I am so impressed at how fast you've gotten up to speed on spinning and best of all you're really using it too. You're my hero - I need to do that more often! =)

Chickenbells said...

You certainly DO need to keep the neck warm (brrrr) What an amazing pattern, that herrinbone...dang. I need to get the rest of my scarf that I started last winter knitted...since the light is changing, it's about time!

Sorry about the WalMart trip...but you can spend the serious $$ when Z gets super serious about riding (OH...then Z can buy it)

Terri said...

Herringbone looks so nice on you and your spinning is so perfect. Seeing that lovely wool in the bobbin makes me want to dust off one of my spinning wheels.

tiennie said...

Great scarf! Like the pic of you! Nice yarn! Cute kid! Exclamation points abound!!!

Christina Marie said...

I love the latest yarn! It looks so soft and cuddly and the colour is to dye for. hahahahah, I'm hilarious. :) Seriously, though, you are amazing!!

Sasha said...

Oh yay another picture of you (and the scarf is cute too!) I *heart* the obsessive crafting.

Cathy said...

I love the colors in your yarn. And do we have the same local bike shop? Surly seems to be the new sales technique.