Last days of summer - shawls and smoke bombs

Mollusc Shawl is complete. Love that striping. Something mildly "shellish" about it.

Used a K2tog cast off which keeps the edge tight. Next time I'll use something a little looser.

Really enjoyed the meditative quality of the garter stitch.

Just a little somethin' to throw across your shoulders as the nights begin to hold a little cool. A sweet and simple knotted front.

A subtley triangular back.

Was about 75% complete when I realized that I wanted a softer "point" of the triangle so "froggy came a courtin" and I cast on again with three initial stitches instead of one. Much, much better.

Met the FABULOUS Laura of Orinda5 and her sweet family on Saturday at the Franconia Sculpture Park Fall Gala. Total blast. She brought me the loveliest stitch markers ever. Stretch Markers. Keep checking her Etsy shop and grab them up when she posts them. They are the best I've ever seen.

She and I didn't get as much knitting done as I'd hoped. Hopefully we can get together again (sans children?) to try to get the knit on. Anyone want to meet us at the Park some weekend?

With all the Sculpture Park activity, nuttnhubby's been working like a madman. What's a nuttnmama and son to do to entertain themselves?

Smoke Bombs!!!

Set em up carefully.

Best to light two at a time. Color theory and all that jazz.


10% said...

That's my little pyro!

Katie said...

Love how that shawl came out! Is that your handspun? I need to spin more so I can actually MAKE something from mine.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Ooooh, that shawl is beautiful! And, smoke bombs---neato! Now I need to find out if they are legel in our anti-firework state. I'm sure I could work them into a school lesson if I think about it hard enough!

keri said...

Whoa you knit that up fast, that is gorgeous! Great use of the handspun!

laura said...

I feel like a "cool kid" having touched that shawl in progress on Saturday. So beautiful.

Jessicah said...

Nuttnbunny, I would love to meet you st the psrk for some knitting!! My park or yours? Shawl is superb- garter stitch really is meditative isn't it?

Cathy said...

The mollusc colors are perfect. We are big fans of smoke bombs too! And anything else that requires fire.

tiennie said...

The shawl is very pretty! My kids would love to have some smoke bombs!

Chickenbells said...

Now that IS the perfect thing to have for the cool nights...it's getting chilly here finally! Yay for smoke bombs!

varun said...

good range!!Shawls and Scarves