As I was saying: The Herringbone Scarf of my dreams.
Hope to finish her up tonight.

This yarn! These colors!! This pattern!!! Beside myself with joy.

Identified my "Pay it Forward" folks and will announce in the next post. I'm torn btw. keeping Scrappy Herringbone for myself and paying her forward. :-)

Next up in spinning is Mollusk. Exceptionally soft, long staple Wensleydale (I thought that was only a cheese :-) from the Hello Yarn Fiber of the Month Club. I'm a zombie slave to her fiber.

Also joined Spunky Eclectic Club. I am greedy.

The garden is yielding melon. This a Minnesota Midget heirloom. Tee-tiny. That's an 8" Chef's knife in the background. Super yum!

Ahh... the State Fair.

Next year I'm entering knitting and baking. As Miss Julie is my witness. I'm holding her to her pledge too. Set your expectations to award winners.


Sasha said...


keri said...

Yummy - what a cool looking scarf!

Adrian said...

You are right- that pink yarn is deadly! It will be a great scarf.

Christina marie said...

Love that herringbone scarf, nuttnbunny! What a pretty stitch pattern!!

Jessicah said...

That herringbone pattern is great- I used it to make the man scarf. I love how it is so simple but looks so complicated!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Can I be a taste tester in your kitchen for next year's fair????

Chickenbells said...

What great colors...and Winsleydale is a lovely cheese too!

Oh, it's almost county fair season here too!

Jane's Designs said...

great pictures!! I wanted to say thank you again for my yarn it is so soft. Planning to make a purse with it. Will post a picture so you can see. I wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Secret Santa swap on my blog. Come over and join in on the fun, and bring some friends.