Scrappy has been spun. Bouncy, sproingy, pinky, delicious.

I've developed a serious Hello Yarn problem.
Ordered another 8oz of hand dyed roving. Lucky me.
Also joined the Spunky Club.
Hi - I'm nuttnbunny and I'm a fiber addict.

She will become the herringbone scarf of my dreams.
Thank God for conference calls. I cast on today.

A super thankful shout-out to Amy for my wonderful virtual vacation to Virginia.

  • Adorable playing cards. I love to play spades. We call it "Screw your Neighbor" which sounds really naughty but, if you play spades you know what we mean.
  • Crazy soft yarn from See Jayne Knit. This is just screaming to become something near skin.
  • Apple candy and jelly bellies. You cruel, cruel woman!!
  • And a sweet little package of Harry Potter jellies for Z. He was SO happy.
  • AND More!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

We just returned from a trip to the North Fork of L.I. Gotta love the beach.
Z was NOT happy about the kayaks and threw a fit when I tried to go out.
Here he is hauling that bad boy up on to shore - protecting me from myself.

Dearest Z. Quixote,
It's called an exercise in futility.


Jessicah said...

Yummy looking wool. I used to have a ting about candle and fire. We had to sit in the dark in a powercut. Go figure.

Jennifer said...

Lovely handspun! And your KVVS package looks great. (I should get mine in a few days. Woot!)

if time exists said...

what an awesome vacation! i'm looking forward to mine.

i also just joined the spunky club this month. i got my fiber the other day but i haven't spun it yet because i need to get some other wool off the spindle.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

That yarn looks lovely! I wish I could say something more intelligent than that, but it isn't in me!

10% said...

If a kayak is the only Windmill he tilts at, he is in for a pretty easy life.

The Alpaca fairy dropped off another bundle at the house recently. Want me to send it your way, or just lug it along for Turkey day?

tiennie said...

So pretty! Glad you had a great vacation!

Ali said...

Z is so sweet - I think my boys would have gladly pushed me out into the water without a paddle yesterday!

Christina Marie said...

I LOVE SCRAPPY! What a delicious colour. You're very talented.

keri said...

What a yummy beautiful yarn you spun - I can practically see it "sproing" off the screen at me! =)