And the living is easy...

10% and SWMBO* came up from TX to spend the 4th.
They get to escape the heat and we get to enjoy their company.

We all went up to Duluth for a couple days and were back safely at home for the holiday.

Franconia, MN has the best Fourth of July Parade in the country.
No spectators, only participants.
Marching followed by a cookout party,
complete with egg toss and 3-legged race.

Good fun for the whole fam-damily!

We did manage to set off a few fireworks.

In spite of what Z's frantic retreat implies, these were merely smokebombs.

We waited until after dark to almost sear his foot off with sparklers.

Hit the river this weekend with our neighbors.

Z adores driving. He quickly learned to operate the accelerator.

Check out the wake!

Guppie Z learns to swim.

Thank you Stearns Company!

A big storm in a big sky yields a big rainbow.
As context, nuttnhubby's sculpture is 65 feet tall. Details here.

Miss Julie and I head to La Belle Vie on Friday. Ooo La La!

Our great love of this restaurant was inspired by our even greater love of the Supreme Julia. I highly recommend adding her shows to your Netflix queue.

Details on our meal plus fiber dyeing, spinning, and knitting forthcoming.

* She Who Must Be Obeyed