Ham, I am

Gearing up for Easter!! If you're not ready, call Oscar's Smokehouse.

You're only three days away from the ham of a lifetime.

Socks knit using MagicLoop. Loving it.

You can learn too. Thanks, Tiennie, for the tip!

The socks pictured are for Hugo, big bro to Baby Ares whose finished socks have been delivered. Hopefully his Mama will email me a pic of him wearing them b/c in my BBQ induced fog I forgot to document.

Basically they look like these, finished, smaller.

This yarn is the KnitPicks Dancing which, apparently, is discontinued. Why?!?!? It's such a great consistency and wears beautifully. Get it while you can, folks.

Another finished beret. Thank God...

...because the Koigu berets are causing me some grief. Need some more yarn (and yes, I did swatch this! and yes, I'm knitting to gauge!) The pattern called for one skein. Humpf.

While in Austin, visited Hill Country Weavers.

SO much yarn!!! I took a couple things off their hands (I'm a giver that way) ;-)

Colinette Yarns Jitterbug 100% merino easy care in Toscana.

Might make a good toque for 10%! Anyone have pattern advice?

Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair. A great yarn supporting a great job creation program. Check it out!

And yes, this will become a beret. I just can't help myself.

Stay tuned for a KAL announcement. You know you want to.
Because you just don't have enough to do! :-)


Hook em, baby

The short one and I are heading south to visit with 10% and others.
Oh, and I have some work to do.

It's a tri-city tour.

Ahhh... Back soon filled with BBQ,

and in possession of more completed knitting.


New Me

First things first...

Koigu arrived to support my beret habit. PurlSoho super-fast delivery!

I've never knit with this before.

Can't wait to make sweet little yarn cakes and put it to good use.

A new "do".

Yes, the grey stripe is natural, and I've earned every sacred strand.
(I do add a little dark in the front to offset it though :-)

Thanks to the updated style and transformed skin (if you ever need a facial and are in the area I can send you to the master) I can model the berets.

I love how slouchy they are!

Paired the white one with my polarized aviator glasses today and felt a little Patty Hearst style vibe. Is that completely un-PC?

btw - The self portrait thing is really tough. Moving forward I may just stick with the Buddha!


Another beret!

First it was lunch bags...

then socks...

now, it seems, I'm on a beret kick!

This a baby beret from a pattern by babyknits.
Added the little "nubbin" on top for continutity with the others I've knit.

No heads small enough to model (we tried on Z and it just wasn't happening) so Buddha kindly obliged.

Of course.

Been doing some work on my blog. Hoping it will better serve gaining traction against my goals.

Feedback? Advice?


Aspiring to skills matching my inspiration

After repeated attempts to photograph myself modeling the completed berets, I've booked a facial and a haircut. Maybe, soon, it will all work out.

In the interim, recently arrived Japanese crafting goodness...
(good god, I love yesasia.com!)

and some WIPs.

YOTM swatching

Can you guess what this will be?

Little baby cape

New Knitty is up. Some really exciting patterns.

I'd like to try: bmp, ester, and (definitely) clessidra.

I should make a sidebar list of all the things in my must-do list so a I can prioritize and structure my time well.

There are some birthdays coming up and I'd like to not deliver late! :-)


Now, that's more like it

Feeling human again. Such a nice recharge.

Back to business.

Two Purl Bee berets - started and finished on the beach. Will model as soon as my hair is washed.

It's still a little "beachy", if you know what I mean.

Continued thanks to Miss Julie for the gift that keeps on giving.
YOTM for March was waiting in the mail box.
Four supremely beautiful lace weights in addition to the newsletter and scarf pattern .

(listed clockwise from lower left)

  1. Pastimes by Conjoined Creations, 100% Soy Silk
  2. Meloso Lace by Lanas Puras, 100% Wool
  3. Misti Alpaca Lace by Misti Alpaca, 100% (you guessed it) Baby Alpaca
  4. Merino Oro by Ornachi Filati, 100% Wool

I am your swatching servant.

Lastly, in answer that nagging question, "Can you mail a coconut?" we answer, "Yes, indeed"!

Muchas Gracias, Miss Julie! Te Amos :-)