Aspiring to skills matching my inspiration

After repeated attempts to photograph myself modeling the completed berets, I've booked a facial and a haircut. Maybe, soon, it will all work out.

In the interim, recently arrived Japanese crafting goodness...
(good god, I love yesasia.com!)

and some WIPs.

YOTM swatching

Can you guess what this will be?

Little baby cape

New Knitty is up. Some really exciting patterns.

I'd like to try: bmp, ester, and (definitely) clessidra.

I should make a sidebar list of all the things in my must-do list so a I can prioritize and structure my time well.

There are some birthdays coming up and I'd like to not deliver late! :-)


Sasha said...

Sushi Smocket!
I think I would just feel overwhelmed (way too many ideas) if I did a to-do list! It looks like you are busy.

Ali said...

Loving the smocket and the Japanese goodies!

And my car is fixed - hooray! Thanks for asking.

capello said...


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm so jealous of your mad skills. I need to sew a tiny hole in my son's stuffed animal and I know it's going to look like it was attacked by needle and thread by the time I'm done. Sigh.

Alicia A. said...

Look at the sushi fabric- So COOL!
(Makes me want sushi.)

tiennie said...

Great japanese books! Can't wait to see what you create with them.

Jessicah said...

Im also drwan to ester....would like to do some spinning specifically for it so it might be a while away. Also incredibly daunted by the thought of cables and not sure if i should leap right on in there with this pattern or not. Might you be interested in a knit-a-long on this one? I would need some time to get my act together hownever!

keri said...

Yum - love the japanese books. I gather so much inspiration from just flipping through them.