Another beret!

First it was lunch bags...

then socks...

now, it seems, I'm on a beret kick!

This a baby beret from a pattern by babyknits.
Added the little "nubbin" on top for continutity with the others I've knit.

No heads small enough to model (we tried on Z and it just wasn't happening) so Buddha kindly obliged.

Of course.

Been doing some work on my blog. Hoping it will better serve gaining traction against my goals.

Feedback? Advice?


keri said...

the new look is great, it's nice and clean and easy to read (although I thought it was before, also.)

The beret is really cute, love the subtle spots of color on the yarn.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I love how your blog looks! I also love those berets! Buddha has never looked so cute!

tiennie said...

Cute beret! I like the new look too!

Funny, I just updated my blog look also.

Laura B said...

The blog looks lovely (I didn't see it before this, though).

I love the way your baby beret came out!

Amy in Beijing said...

Love the Chinese buddha?? Where did he come from?