Hook em, baby

The short one and I are heading south to visit with 10% and others.
Oh, and I have some work to do.

It's a tri-city tour.

Ahhh... Back soon filled with BBQ,

and in possession of more completed knitting.


Jessicah said...

The berets are beautiful and you model them so well. Very french...though dont know if that's the look you're going for.....

As for the pattern- you already made one! I just supersized it, andded ties and a buttonhole (actually two-the first was inthe wrong place) some darts and bob's your uncle. I truly am flattered though!

See you when you get back :)

tiennie said...

Have a good time!

capello said...

brisket tacos?



Cathy said...

BBQ...mmmmm, now I'm hungry!

Jellybean said...

Heya hope you had a nice break.
I'm about to get outa my pj's and get myself to a yarn store- v. omnumentous as I can count the number of times I've bought yarn on one hand- to get some aran weight wool to knit Ester. Once I have wool in my possesion swatching will keep me satisfied, but only for a short time, so I hope your ready to go!

Jessicah said...

I think you should "advertise" our KAL also- you appear to have a wider readership than I do! Im gonna block and see if I can get an extra 5mm out of my swatch today, otherwise its off the get a bigger needle!