From roving...

to spun, set, and drying...

to skein...

to scarf!


Unfortunately, a little scratchy.
That might have something to do with the 90+ degrees reading on the thermometer.

But I do like how you can secure it with ANYTHING! This is closed with the "dinger" from my mini-yoga chime. "Mini" is the chime, not the yoga. :-)

The scarf was inspired by Brooklyn Tweed's recent garter stitch scarf. His work is so lovely and I like the way the simplicity of the pattern highlights the yarn.

Tis the season of caprese salad. Our tomatoes are still the greenest green so these are from the back of a truck up the road, not our little garden. Still... delicioso!!!

Oh - and we totally rocked the Triathlon. Next year my goal is to swim fast! You'd think that I might have done that by now, being that it's a race and all. :-)

Lastly, don't forget to comment for entry in the drawing for the first annual nuttnbunny "Pay It Forward".



It's the Noro Silk Garden Beanie! And you didn't even know I was working on it.

This is SO not for 10%. I'll cast on again and see if I can come up with something (1) less rainbowy and (2) for a larger noggin. Not that he doesn't appreciate the rainbows. Just not what I had in mind.

It will, however, make a lovely winter cap for spiderman.

It fits nuttnbunnies too. If I made it for an adult again I would definitely add a little to the length. Making it less beanie-like and more hat-like.

Fairly Odd Mother gave me an award! I love awards! My favorite!! And to thank her I'm going to... well, thank her. :-) I totally heart her. Stop by to wish her a Happy 40th!

I think these gals ROCK!

Ladies - you really do it.

I know, I know. There are so many more. Hard core rockers with blogs of fury. But at some point you just have to stop typing. Well.. that and you're supposed to tag five.

Rockingness must be genetic. This is Z, last night, after running through the sprinkler, fully clothed and singing, at the top of his lungs "Everything I do gonna be funky from now on!"

These are the most recent babies from the garden. So tiny. So delicious.

I've made a committment to Pay it Forward and suggest you do the same. All comments left by the end of the month will be entered in the drawing to be the object of my affection. Multiple comments = multiple entries. At this point I'm planning on drawing 3. Only catch is - you have to promise to Pay it Forward yourself and post as such on your blog.

Jeez - that's a lot for one post. Trying to fit it in b/c I know I won't post again until after the Triathlon. Go Team Cupcake!!!


First pair for Summer of Socks and Z couldn't be happier.

  • Yarn - KnitPicks Dancing
  • Needles - Size 2
  • Pattern - Yankee Knitters Classic Socks - my standard

Love the banded toe and 3x1 ribbing. When joining the round cast on an extra stitch at the end and slipped it to the front. On the first round knit the first and last stitches together. No gap. Also held the loose end with the live yarn (like knitting double strand) while knitting the first 7 stitches. Magical. No end to sew in!

Cast on another pair in the Koigu leftovers from Suzanna's beret. Would have had a progress shot on those but bust a needle on the flight home from Chicago today.
Progress = not much with only 3 needles.

The real news is that I got my invitation to Ravelry! Who else is in?
"Gimme some sugar. I am your neighbor!"

Active utilization of produce mode.
Eggplant - sliced.

Eggs - mixed

Slices dipped in egg then mixture of 1/2 Panko and 1/2 Parmesan.

Bake at 425 Fahrenheit for 20 min flipping halfway through. Dip em in marinara and gobble em up. I heart the Petit Appetit Cookbook.


You know how when the kids are too quiet in the other room, you know for sure they're up to serious trouble? Same holds true for silent bloggers.

Yes, the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. Because, for your first, why not just hit the biggest purse in the USA. The one broadcast on NBC.

The illustrious Miss Julie and I = Team Cupcake.
I swim and she does the rest. Of course, we immediately entered the Chisago Lakes in 2 weeks. Sheer Madness. For me.
Miss Julie, of course, was a smashing success. :-)

I promised knitting and knitting there is. Albeit in small order due to the Triathlon training and participation. Z is v. excited to road test these bad boys.

The garden is really turning it on.
Never again this year, I imagine, will we be able to say the word "zucchini" in singularity.

Baby beets.

Embryonic carrots. More from thinning than anticipation of eating.

And green beans.

I know. It just keeps coming. These we pan steamed and dry sauteed with garlic. Z requested for lunch the following day. With ketchup.

In crafting news, the real reason for the blog, after all - I got in on the Hello Yarn Fiber of the Month Club. Someday I'll have time to spin, and knit, and sew again.


You had me at "Baba Ghanoush".

Pardon the weeds. Some things just don't make it to the top of the hierarchy.

Curly Blue Kale.

Endive. Things are popping out all over.

And spinning. Two ply of the Desert Spring (70% Coopworth, 13% Mohair, and 17% silk) above and a single below. I'm surprised by the color difference! Simply from plying.

Purple double ply wool.

Double ply Coopworth in Blossom. All are a little itchy. Really hoping to get in on the next edition of Hello Yarn's fiber club. Monday.

So now, what to make of these? Ideas? I'm thinking small shawls and berets. But then I always think berets. Help!

Promises of knitting in the next post.


We snuck away for a beautiful camp on Lake Superior.

Gathering water for washing dishes.

Building fires.

Discovering smoke bombs.

Seeing how many we can light at once.

Building a Viking Long Boat, complete with outrigger.

Summarily arming it with smoke bombs (because why wouldn't you!).

Mama even got to do some fireside knitting.

Successfully kicking off Summer of Socks. These really are the days...

Oh, and there has been spinning. Yes, there has been spinning... :-)