Completed Suzanna's beret. Really love the koigu colors. Also makes me want to learn to dye. Life really is too short.

Strongly recommend the Purl Bee beret pattern. A great foundation. Now that I've mastered this I'm ready to start experimenting! :-)

June YOTM Swatched (clockwise from upper left).

  1. Maraja by Ornaghi Filati
    knit out at 4.75 sts/inch on US 8s
    35% Cotton, 33% Acrylic, 32% Polyester
    Surprised by how well I like this. Would make a lovely "fancy" knit bag. Had a nice little twinkle to it.

  2. Luna by Cascade Yarns
    4.5 sts/inch on US 7s - this knit to projected gauge
    100% Cotton
    Would also knit a lovely string shoppers bag.

  3. Hemp for Knitting DK by LanaKnits
    5 sts/inch on US 5s
    100% Hemp
    Why'd they need to specify that it's for knitting? Do desperate knitters try to light up? Very stiff yarn. Going to try this little swatch in the sink. Attempting to replace the Scotchbrite dish sponges. It may give good scrub.

  4. June by Nashua Handknits
    5.5 sts/inch on US 5s
    100% Acrylic
    Knit fine but have no idea why I'd ever choose to use this yarn for a project. Nothing distinctive.

I love living in the country. When you go pick up your babysitter she asks if you need eggs. :-)

Cap'n Cozie Coupe says "Arrr..."
Note: dough hook from our Kitchen Aid!

Which we had out to make cookies.
The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas.

Totally grooving on Nigella's Feast cookbook.
These were super easy and yummy. Note: usage of past tense.


Jessicah said...

Always with the business! Eggs look yummy- Mum's chooks all "bit the dust" recently when she discovered most were about 10 years old- no chance of eggs there!

capello said...

mmmmm... cookies... ::drool::

Sasha said...

Wow, you do know your way around a beret pattern, that looks great!

I *heart* cochineal for dyeing, it makes a pretty pinky-red. I want to learn how to make striping sock yarn. Nice Wiiiiiide Stripes.

Ali said...

You are the proud winner of today's 'Best use of a Dough Hook' Competition - twice!

keri said...

Yet another yummy beret, those colors + that pattern = 1 gorgeous head topper! =)

keri said...

oops, that one was me - I forgot to add my link! ;)