Ester's done... or is she?
Check out the KAL site for more photos, feedback, and a proposed addition. Would love to hear your opinions.

Yummy yarn arrived for 10% Toque. This is a super secret surprise
(well, not so much since he reads "ye olde blogge") so I won't be posting pics until after July 10. Let's just say I'm totally excited about the pattern and hope he'll love it. Cuz I love him (xoxoxo...)

More results from my recent Nigella enthusiasm. Breakfast Banana Ring.

Super Easy, Super Yummy. Way too good, in fact, to get a photo taken before the majority of the cake was devoured. Hello Nutella!

And another Nigella. Andy's Fairfield Granola.

I find it so satisfying when the results are well aligned with the expectations. :-)


Jessicah said...

I made a banana cake last night too! So quick and easy- as I was closing the door I was thinking why don't I do this more often. Michael agreed with me! I really should make some more muesli, but the last batch got eaten by ants so i was a little discouraged. looking forward to seeing your seceret project!

oneredboot said...

i could never really get into nigella's feast cookbook...but looking at your photos i think i should reconsider!

also, your new yarn is lovely. it looks like it has a nice texture to it. can't wait to see the secret project!!

tiennie said...

Such lovely goodness in your post today!

Cathy said...

I think your proposed modification will make the top more complete looking. There is something about the sleeve that doesn't look quite finished. On the other hand, the back of the sweater sort of looks like you have a long sleeved sweater tied over your shoulders, yuppy style. And yummy food!