The last Baby Bobbi Bear begun. Totally rocking with the provisional cast on. Such glorious color! Recent garden blooms demand her name be "Rosie".

View of Ester flat - the key to knitting her in a single circular piece. Challenge: knitting the pattern from the top down & bottom up at the same time.

Malabrigo swatching. All will soon be revealed.

And Malabrigo stash enhancement (I simply can't help myself) from a new LYS. I now have (1) a health food store, (2) dream daycare, (3) the perfect hair salon, (4) quality yoga, and (5) LYS - all easily accessible.

What have I done to deserve this? :-)

Hammie's been chillin' on the slide all day. When he's not chasing down the "chislers", that is. Dewormer on the way.

Giant pillow tower. Extreme Sporting at it's best.


Jessicah said...

Wow a wheel I am so excited (for you) Ha! Whats this about knoitting Ester in the round? Would you have to graft? I'm confused! Even thinking about grafting the toes of socks confuses me!
Love that green wool!

tiennie said...

Wow! What great WIPs you have going! Giant pillow tower builders rock!

Ali said...

Love Z's adrenaline junkie pose!

capello said...

all hail the pillow king!

keri said...

Ooh ooh Malabrigo! Tell, tell, I can't wait to hear what you make! =)

Isn't having the perfect stuff nearby make life so much easier? I have really been enjoying the new area I live in, great store, farmers market AND hair salon??? I'm set!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

My little guy is a pillow king too although he tends to go for the horizontal 'spread' vs. the tall tower! Great photo and cute cat!!!

Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog--and for the tip to check out Eunny Jang's tutorial on the crochet provisional cast-on!

Love the pillow tower! My two-year-old hasn't embarked on that particular architectural adventure yet, though she does like to use the giant pillows from the sofa back to make a "tunnel" between the coffee table and the sofa...

Oh--I moved my blog to Wordpress a couple of weeks ago (you had commented on an old post at the old location). You can find me at firstthingsfirst.brofka-berends.net.