Baby Bobbi II. King of all he surveys.

Keri of Knitty Gritty Thoughts has asked for my pattern modifications. I've got one more bear in the queue and she's in the midst of a move (pop over to wish her luck and fortitude). I'll compile and deliver when the next bear's done. You can check the Blue Sky Alpaca's corrections/additions here.

Z's already off to bed or I'd give you a scale shot with a 3 yr old. Next time. Check out at the last one. He's a big bear.

Cast on a Purl Bee Beret for Suzanna. I loves me the Koigu.

Cooking from the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.

This is the Broccoli variation with raisins and pine nuts. I'm seriously into this cookbook... and this broccoli. If Z will eat it, and it's green, and it's healthy, I'm all over it.

Lastly, I give you Spiderman. If I'd ever figure out how to load my digital movies onto youtube you could have the full effect. Just imagine: tearing through the house and screaming "fwap, fwap, fwap..."

Potty training continues very well. I'm fully convinced that every second of psychic energy I devoted to this process prior to Z being ready was a complete waste of resources.

I'm off to Chicago for a night.
Such a sucker for a short stay in a nice hotel - by myself. :-)


tiennie said...

I love me the Koigu too! Love the fwap...fwap...pic!

Jessicah said...

Have never experienced the koigu- but sounds amazing!Love catching up with all the things you've been up to. I think I need the brocolli recipe!

Ali said...

A nice hotel alone? Bliss. But pine nuts rate a pretty close second! I always have to toast twice as many as I need because I can't help scoffing them straight from the frying pan.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh, alone in a nice hotel? Sign me up! Sounds wonderful.

Yeah, the little buggers usually potty train when they are good and ready. At least, that is what I tell myself while I stall on trying to get #3 out of diapers.

That bear is squishable.

keri said...

What a cute lil bear, each one keeps getting cuter and cuter! Thank you for the mods!

After seeing so many nice berets, I'm very tempted to knit one up, even though I really should know by now that I can't pull that off.

Enjoy your nice hotel stay!

KnittenKnots said...

Baby Bobbi II is ADORABLE!! Love the little bear ears...