Lots of knitting done this weekend. I'm good with deadlines. :-)

Ready to pop off that provisional edge and pick up those live stitches.

It just unzips! Like Magic!! Bolder knitters might just rip that bad boy out of there and pick up all those "living dangerously" loose stitches.

I take a more measured approach: 1x1. No worries.

All picked up and ready to knit those legs.

Legs are done and he's mostly stuffed. Casting on the arms tonight.

Somehow reminiscent of Venus of Willendorf.

Spent some quality time planting the garden. So much potential. A lot of things still in flats. "Hardening" on the deck before transplanting.

The foreground is a stone sculpture by nuttnhubby. He's also responsible for the balanced boulders. Yes - they are safely up there.

And the herb garden. Small boy included in both photos to
(1) illustrate scale and
(2) illustrate cuteness of Z
who, btw, went to daycare in UNDERWEAR today! My joy has no limit.


Ali said...

Your garden is VAST!! I am so jealous. When I grow up, I'm going to have a huge one, with a cutting garden so I can bring armfuls of flowers into my house.

Now I just need a stately home and several acres...

capello said...

in underwear?!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oooo, underwear! We bought a pack for D but he cried when we put them on him. Not a good sign.

Love your backyard! The sculpture is amazing!

oneredboot said...

baby bobbi bear looks kind of scary with no arms or face! like a big wisdom tooth...

love the texas shirt on Z.--instill that texas pride early!

beki said...

I see a cutie bear in the making! Seriously, knitting baffles me.
OMG, those boulders freak me out!!

keri said...

Ok now that I see it in pics I know what you mean about why the provisional would work better. Your little bear is so cute!

Love your garden also, it makes me want to head outside and loll about in the sun!

tiennie said...

Congrats on the potty training! Very cool.

Congrats also on the provisional cast on - still haven't attempted it myself.