Spinning makes me dizzy...

...with joy!

This weekend hit the Shepherd's Harvest Festival.

Great event, tons of gorgeous yarn, and people who know things!
Plopped myself down next to a spinner and started with the questions.
Before you know it...

Spinning! Not well, but spinning!
Did a little internet research and tested how a 2-ply might come together.

There are a lot of issues here and this is not yarn that will really hold together for the long term, but let a gal experiment for a bit.

Bought a bunch of roving.

This is hand dyed by Susan Hensler. Pretty, pretty stuff. Susan's friendly and helpful. That counts for a lot.

Off we go:


On to the yarn winder.

In the future I'll skip this step and go straight to the "arm wrap". Not the technical term but you know what I mean.

Earliest work is on the bottom. I'm getting better at not "over spinning" and putting in TOO much twist.

Lastly, I "set the twist" by soaking in warm soapy H2O and then hanging to dry. Ready to knit!

I have tons to learn but am heartened by this progress. Can't wait to do some more. Went a little crazy and bought a big bag full of roving.

I love the feeling of potential :-)

Lilacs finally bloomed. Wish this was smell-o-vision.

Another beautiful china painting by my Grandmother on the vase. Blackberries and Roses: I use it whenever I can.


keri said...

Yea, you're spinning! Wow you really learned fast!

Love all the pretty rovings, the colors are delish.

Ali said...

Wow, looks like you've cracked it!

Sasha said...

Oh yay, your yarn is lovely! I knew you'd get the hang of it.

tiennie said...

How fantastic! Your work is looking good!

Paisley said...

Looks like you're having fun with it. Very pretty colours.

Jessicah said...

I was so sure I had already commented on your beautiful spinning! Not sure what compelled me to check but its a good thing I did!!
Love Love Love the colours you have chosen and the spindle spinning doesn't look half bad- but what would I know , I'm a one wheel kind of a girl! It wont be long till you're hooked and need to get a wheel to spin enough wool to make a jersey. Hah!