Still spinning - although I need to figure out how to simultaneously support spinning and knitting. I love learning new things but recognize one life can only sustain so much activity. Sometimes perfectly enjoyable things don't make the cut.

That being said there is some roving with my name on it. These from Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill.

Above in Blossom colorway of 100% Coopworth - the colors of now.

Below in Desert Spring of 70% Coopworth, 13% Mohair, and 17% silk - so subtle.

Latest progress on Ester.
See what the other folks are up to on the KAL site.

This is such a fun pattern to knit. The KnitPicks Main Line Yarn? Lovely to work with. Highlights cable work so nicely.

AND... just enrolled in Summer of Socks. Couldn't resist.


Jessicah said...

Spinning and Knitting is an easy one to balance- you just knit with what you spin! Instead of having to finance two addictions you finance one which feeds the other! I *TRY* and have only one spinning and knitting project on the go at a time- of course it's perfectly acceptable to spin for other people! Your spinning is looking great by the way :)

if time exists said...

i enrolled in SOS too!
and i have a spindle kit on the way from helloyarn. i haven't spun before but i'm excited to get started, especially with the FUCHSIA practice roving i'm getting.

sounds like we're on a similar wavelength. except your ester is almost done and mine isn't even started.

oneredboot said...

i read somewhere that on mastering a new technique, the brain releases all sorts of endorphins. i always felt that this explained my addiction to learning new patterns, new materials, and new skills! enjoy!

oneredboot said...

sorry about the posting issue--i fixed it!

chickens were on our 5-year plan, too, but we got them as a wedding present, so it became more of a "now" issue! :) we love having fresh eggs!

as for the contemp art book--i'm reading for my phd exams right now, so the ones i'm working through now are more "technical"--important exhibition catalogs, books of artists' writings, etc. but here's a great one that's not so technical and a great read: the ongoing moment by geoff dyer. check out the author photo on the back flap--i took it! :)

tiennie said...

Very pretty! I refuse to learn how to spin. Too many obsessions already.

Jennifer said...

That purple is so beauitful! Just want to squeeze that yarn. :) I resisted spinning for so long for the same reasons. Heh, only lasted so long. :)

Amanda said...

Oh my! I love the purple you're spinning up! Makes me want to find my drop spindle and give it another try!