Back to Baby Bobbi Bear. Goal: to COMPLETE by eod Friday, June 1.

Note: provisional cast on!

Also note: warming weather = photo outside in the natural light.

Additional also note: 10% got himself a new cam-damera. So tempting...

Spinning continues. Singles of the Coopworth.

Next: learn to ply.
Any advice on how to Z-ply on a drop spindle?
Is it as simple as spinning in the other direction?

New Yarn Goodness. Koigu for another beret.
I'm an addict (berets and Koigu, a terrible double whammy).

This for Suzanna, a friend from work. We're trading.
I'll get some handmade beautiful jewelry in return.
Will keep you posted :-)

Z photographed nuttnhubby cooking ribs. Ugly grills produce sublime results.

Not bad for a 3 yr old (the photo by Z, not the ribs by nuttnhubby).

Z carefully considering approach and method.

And proudly regarding grimy fingers.

Bring on the days of summer...

In other news:
  1. Check EsterKal for progress there. I'm done knitting and ready to block. Anyone have recommendations for "shawl pins?"
  2. Check Knits a Beautiful Life for my soon-to-be-posted yarn review.


if time exists said...

pretty koigu!
and yummy ribs. i wish i had a bbq. and a backyard...

tiennie said...

Oohhh... yummy yummy ribs!

I love Koigu!

keri said...

Ok I'm curious, how does a provisional co for the bobbi bear help you later? Otherwise do you have to come back later and sew it together?

Jessicah said...

Have to say I have never eaten "ribs" pork and lamb chops yes, but not what you are describing! Would be great if you shared your recipe :). When I ply I simply spin in the opposite diretion- so I can only assume it's the same with a spindle- good luck! Love your wool btw- really like the baberpole efftect atm.

capello said...

mmmmm... grill ::drool::