I live and breath...

... the Ester Knit-a-long.
Seriously folks - knitting cables without cable needles. You must.

I'm delirious with joy over this sweet little reject. A converted softie from Amanda at Zhinka dinki doo. She was making some test bunny puppets and described this little guy as a disaster. I expressed appreciation for him (I think he is forlorn, yet jazzy!) ... and she sent him to me!
So sweet, so lovely.

Believe me, any little bunnies out there that are too "nuttn" for you can come my way.
We do work with an organization that serves homeless teens in our state. Some of the gals are homeless b/c their parents found out they were pregnant and KICKED THEM OUT! What the f***? So... there are some wee tinnies out there who have not much and they can always use a lovie. The bigger tinnies (aka their teen parents) can use lovies too. If anyone has some extra "walking around money, you can donate $ or materials via their website.

Lastly, the rhubarb has landed.
We haven't yet sampled the delights but tonight it's all over. :-)


Cathy said...

Knitting cables without needles... tried it, hated it. But more power to everyone that loves it (I think most do). That pie looks yummy.

oneredboot said...

kulture klub--what an amazing organization! despite rampant poverty and violence here in NC, we don't have the creative capital for this kind of organization right now. thanks for calling attention to this group!

tiennie said...

Your sweater is looking good! Lots of great info in your post.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you like the bunny! He is kinda jazzy, it's interesting what a little distance does for a project. I guess it's just that he wasn't what I was aiming for at the time.