Nigella Lawson's Guinness Cake under construction.

Hard to photograph the finished cake with it's stark contrast.
That fluffy head and the dense Guinness Cake. Super moist and yum.

It sits on a beautiful cake platter painted by my lovely and talented Nana - a great china painter. I'm lucky enough to have a couple of her pieces.
She's out in CA right now and just had some work in an Art show.

I love these Old-Fashioned Roses, sweet yet rugged. A little scrappy.
Runs in the family. :-)

Our Japanese Iris are blooming. Little surprises amongst the emerging daylillies. You can't believe how sweet they smell. Almost like a cartoon flower.


Ali said...

I haven't tried that cake - have to say I'm not keen on Guinness as a drink (even if it is medicinal!), but I can see it might make a scrummy cake and yours does look fab!

beki said...

Mmm, that cake sure looks good!

Alice said...


I'm guessing it didn't froth up like crazy when you put the bicarb in...? I wasn't there to watch, but apparently my boyfriend had *lots* of fun with the mix of warm guinness and bicarb... and the pan's never been so shiny! I made the coke cake once, and was very careful about the possible frothing up, and it was still a bit loopy.

capello said...

ooooo! love your flowers!

and i'm jealous of the cake. i need more cake in my life.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

That Guiness cake looks amazing and may be what I make for my husband for Father's Day dinner. If I google for the recipe, will I find it? And, that cake plate is beautiful! Seems a shame to put a cake over the picture!

tiennieknits said...

OMG - That sounds delicious! I do like me some Guinness but really only have one a year (not a big drinker).

k8-t said...

guinness cake! brilliant!

i bought my dad an irish-themed cookbook last xmas and it had a recipe for guinness ice cream! i really want to try that one.

LLA said...

YUM - that Nigella cake does look and sound fabulous!

I bet it did shake the ennui away!