The Young, Mysterious King

El Mysterioso Rey Jr.
I consider it a public service when he wears this to the grocery store.

We're on a prairie restoration cycle at Franconia Sculpture Park and we burned the fields in that service earlier this week.


Miss Julie had a birthday!

In her honor
(1) Claire the Lamb produced this bag o' fleece which
(2) I (in her honor) spun into yarn.

13 oz prepared fleece spun into 576 yards 12 wpi 2 ply sport weight yumminess.

Color - natural

Texture - soft and bouncy


Destined to be knit into what I hope will be an appropriately honorable Christmas gift.

And more spinning.

"Insect Wings"
Hello Yarn Fiber Club
February 2008
10 oz (how I love the double club) BFL

Spun into:
323 yards
10.5 wpi
DK Weight

Julie Frick energized a great devotional cowl worship on Ravelry and Flickr.

After a secret gift project is complete (not for you Miss Julie, not yet :-))
Insect Wings will become a cowl.


Better late than never

Pattern: Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan
Yarn: nuttnbunnyspunme dk - low country from Hello Yarn fiber
Notes: Best worn while dancing around and singing the theme to Scooby Doo

And not a moment too soon. He's almost outgrown it!

Can't stop smiling about these stripes.

We've been serious EZ Bakers.

Might be better if we added more chocolate.

V. carefully...

Wonder if this frosting's any good. Let's check it.

Hits the spot!

Yes - it's still snowing... in April.
Those are Hammie's prints.
He really wants the squirrels to get off his damn porch.
It's a cat thing.

And another pair. MUST try another pattern after this.

Pattern: Dragon Scale Mitts from PurlBee
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca - sport weight
Notes: used the US2 needles again. Like em a little snug.

These are a gift for Tara at La Belle Vie. Miss Julie and I are taking nuttnhubby and Anna Nanna out for dinner this weekend to celebrate our birthdays. Oooo baby!

Hello 41! Big plans for a great year. :-)