Better late than never

Pattern: Incredible Custom-Fit Raglan
Yarn: nuttnbunnyspunme dk - low country from Hello Yarn fiber
Notes: Best worn while dancing around and singing the theme to Scooby Doo

And not a moment too soon. He's almost outgrown it!

Can't stop smiling about these stripes.

We've been serious EZ Bakers.

Might be better if we added more chocolate.

V. carefully...

Wonder if this frosting's any good. Let's check it.

Hits the spot!

Yes - it's still snowing... in April.
Those are Hammie's prints.
He really wants the squirrels to get off his damn porch.
It's a cat thing.

And another pair. MUST try another pattern after this.

Pattern: Dragon Scale Mitts from PurlBee
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca - sport weight
Notes: used the US2 needles again. Like em a little snug.

These are a gift for Tara at La Belle Vie. Miss Julie and I are taking nuttnhubby and Anna Nanna out for dinner this weekend to celebrate our birthdays. Oooo baby!

Hello 41! Big plans for a great year. :-)


Chickenbells said...

Happy Birthday!

And congrats with the sweater completion. That EZ bake looks good. Ours NEVER turned out...they were never done and always burnt to boot...ick!

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday!!!
And stripy goodness!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that wasn't your birthday cake!

keri said...

Happy Birthday to you!

What a cute sweater - I love scooby doo too!

Lindsey said...

I love an Easy Bake Oven - I'm pretty sure that was the catalyst for my baking obsession.

Happy Birthday! Hope it warms up soon!

Ali said...

Happy Birthday you!

Fairly Odd Mother said...


You've been tagged. You're IT!


zarafa said...

if you're making chocolate goodies, i want to come over to your house!

that sweater is uber cute, as is the model.

tiennie said...

Cute sweater and kiddo! Hope it was a fabulous birthday!

sue said...

Great sweater, and I love the stripes too. I dont know why kids need to grow so fast, we just finish their knits and they only last a little while dont they.

zarafa said...

the pattern you asked about is a free one from lionbrand.com and its called Hooded Baby Wrap. Its a really quick knit... just choose your yarn wisely ;)

Dawn said...

love, love, love the stripyness and the dancing to scooby doo and the oven and the frosting and the everything. well except teh snow. that got a bit old it did....