A couple hours in flight can really help you zip through some stockinette. Hope to finish Suzanna's beret in the coming days.

Before this pic never realized how closely this colorway resembles weathered painted wood. In a good way.

Received a promotional coupon from Borders for 30% off any reg priced item so picked up a little resource book. Jackpot.

Used the tip for joining the first round of a circular item (cast on an extra stitch then when joining round, slip the first stitch on the right needle to the left needle and k2tog for the first stitch) and am very happy with the result.

June's YOTM is out. Pattern for a shopping bag and the main feature (clockwise from top left):

  1. Maraja by Ornaghi Filati
    4.5 sts/inch on US 8s
    35% Cotton, 33% Acrylic, 32% Polyester

  2. Luna by Cascade Yarns
    4.5 sts/inch on US 7s
    100% Cotton

  3. Hemp for Knitting DK by LanaKnits
    5.5 sts/inch on US 5s
    100% Hemp

  4. June by Nashua Handknits
    5.5 sts/inch on US 5s
    100% Acrylic

Scale of Baby Bobbi with Z as reference. One more bear to go.

Ordered the Flicca pattern and have a few obligations to complete before ordering her yarn and knitting something for myself (there's a concept!)

Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day! I hope to hook up with Sara+h and others in Minnie that morning. Get your knit on!


Jessicah said...

Thanks for the tip- I'm planning to cast on an "in-the-round" project in the next few days! Perfect timing. Looking forward to seeing your Ester too.

jen said...

those bears look so huggable :)

oneredboot said...

yay for flicca! i'm gearing up to buy the pattern, too. what are you doing about the 7mm needles? yarn? hmmm., maybe this calls for a KAL.

Ali said...

Lucky you and Sara+h! A knit-fest and a blogger meet up.