The busy days of summer. Baby Bobbi Bear well underway.
One Red Boot is right. She does kind of look like a big wisdom tooth.
I wanted to finish her in time to send with the b-day package to Lil Sis but, alas...

Strawberries are in! This bin is one of three.

Simple math - that's 30 lbs. of wholesome goodness!
  • Some have been eaten with cream for breakfasts and snacks.
  • Others will become Strawberry Kanten with Creamy Topping from Hip Chicks Guide to Macrobiotics. An unappetizing name for an awesome dish.
  • The balance are destined for Strawberry Brandy from The Art of Preserving. Certain to save lives in February. :-)
    I mean, really, you can only be SO good. :-)

Z's been learning to swing solo. Pump those legs, little man! To which he responds, "I'm not a widdle man. I'm a big man."

Jessicah is in on my super secret mission for Monday. Blogging friends rock. I'm so stinking excited...


Jessicah said...

Only one more sleep! (or is it two where you are?) Man those strawberries look yummy- were feasting on wintery manderins and tamarillos over here. Will you be making some jam as well?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Mmmmm strawberries! We're going picking Wednesday morning but I think my three will eat 30 pounds before we even leave the fields!

beki said...

Yum! I do believe I could eat my weight in strawberries.
Look at your little guy go! I'm still waiting for Alex to pick up that skill.

keri said...

Mmm strawberries! I just bought some local ones yesterday and my are they tasty. Love em!

Super secret mission? Tell tell! For some reason I immediately thought, spinning wheel!

Lindsey said...

Those strawberries look absolutely amazing. You've succeeded in making me very, very hungry!

Alicia A. said...