Fairly Odd Questions

Z and I are off for Midwest 2007 - code name for the annual summer trip to see the Grands and Great-Grands. Back in mid-August.
On the knitting front - full devotion to the pursuit of the 10% toque.
(Ravelry, j'adore!) Vow to find the right pattern and complete by next post.
In the meantime, Fairly Odd Mother sent some personalized meme questions:
1. How did you get so flippin' crafty? Is it nature or nurture?
Once I had perfected my bowhunting skills it was the only remaining challenge.
2. My grandmother (rest her soul) knit us socks for Christmas once when we were teens. They wouldn't go past our toes because she either didn't use stretchy yarn or didn't have any idea of how to properly knit socks. We laughed really hard and fortunately she did too. What was your biggest knitting (or sewing) disaster and did you laugh or cry about it?
It's all laughable. :-) I think the worst was my first scarf. Acrylic and no pattern. That plus a Leisure Arts "How to Knit" booklet. I set out with the notion of "I wonder what would happen if I tried "X"? I wonder what it would look like if I did "A"? I may be able to find it and post. That might be something special to celebrate one year blogging!
3. Of what accomplishment are you most proud?
I haven't accomplished it yet.
4. You are "SuperNuttnbunny". What is your kryptonite (i.e., your biggest weakness)?
Honestly believing I can learn to do anything.
5. If stuck on a deserted island, what book, food and person would you want with you? (only one of each!)
Book - "In Search of Lost Time." When else would I have time? It just seems appropriate.
Food - Sweet Potatoes. I once read that you can survive on them alone. They've got a certain yum-factor. And they're hard to screw up.
Person - This one took some thought. Nuttnhubby would need to stay to take care of Z. Miss Julie is the answer. A lifelong friend who doesn't mind when you need some time alone. We could divide the island into thirds: hers, mine, and ours. I also think that she and I would figure our way into rescue or off the island back to civilization (see numbers 3 & 4 above). :-)


capello said...

ahem, just where in the midwest will you be visiting?

tiennie said...

Love your answers to the questionnaire! Mmm....sweet potatoes!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm so glad I finally am back to read posts and this is one of the first I saw!

I love the fact that you believe you can learn to do anything---that is an amazing and wonderful gift to have!

And, I'd love to see a photo of that scarf!

keri said...

Have a great time! =)