Treat - 4oz of Hello Yarn Merino. And a treat it is. Sumptuously soft.

AND... I have another 4oz bag!

Thought I'd spin up bag one, learn some stuff, then spin bag two to see what improves. :-)

AND!!!... I have 8oz of "Citrus", also Merino.

I am one seriously lucky gal.
Expect that the Fiber of the Month - Hello Yarn and Spunky - club stuff will arrive soon.

Cast on for Fetching in the Fingerless Mitts KAL.

A veritable vat of Garden tomato goodness. A good thing, too, because...

this weekend everything froze. Utter devastation.

Sadness tempered only by the promise of pumpkins.
They're turning gold-y-er by the second.

Z came home from school with this note stickered to his back. I wish someone would provide my daily instruction so efficiently and clearly.


tiennie said...

I love it when my kids come home with sticker reminders too! Lovely loving fibery goodness!

Jennifer said...

What gorgeous yarn! Almost makes me want to buy a spindle, if I had more crafting hours in the day. But I have a feeling that's the first step in the natural progression that ends in my purchasing a llama. Slippery slope, that is. :)

Sasha said...

That's great, I wish someone would follow me around and slap stickers to my forehead. I really need that kind of help.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

"Wear shoes" is a reminder? What does he normally wear to school? That really has me perplexed (but kind of chuckling).

I could use a sticker on me too.

And sorry 'bout the frost. We haven't had it yet, but I need to drag in my pots of herbs if I hope to save them for winter.

Lindsey said...

I really need to learn to spin. I get so envious every time I see bloggers talk about fiber - its like a party I wasn't invited to. :(

Sorry about the garden, though the pumpkins do look amazing!

keri said...

I love fetching in the multicolored yarn, gorgeous!

Jessicah said...

Like fairy odd mother, I am wondering what Z normally wears on his feet to school?!
We're coming in at the other end of the frost season- fingers crossed for no more, so that the embryonic strawberries are not reduced to black shells!
Yummy looking wool too!

laura said...

I too chuckled at the "wear shoes" reminder.

I hate looking at tomato plants after the first frost. It just makes me so sad. Especially if I didn't plan ahead and grab as much as I could off the vine. No worries for me this year though... my tomato crop was pitiful.

Your spinning looks fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing how the colors of "citrus" will spin up. js

laura said...

Don't ask me what "js" means on my comment. I think it may be a side effect of my new wireless keyboard. Strange.

Ahem... I mean, I did it on purpose, yeah, it means "Just Spin"!