Glorious Destruction

Thank you, Lady Cairean, for such a justifiable demise. Note the toe fuzz on the right foot. Already I've been wearing them like crazy. Such a lovely pattern. These are a righteous Aussie Merino. Feel like I should send the Lady a gift in return. Ideas?

I'll now begin work on the lunch bags for Donna (check out her chic new 'do'). Really looking forward to sewing them. I've envisioned some improvements.

Two bunnies have planned a sweets swap! One Nuttn and one Wierd. Should be good! We've got some wacky Minnesota specific stuff.

Had a fantastic NYC gals' weekend with two of my dearest. Tons of walking, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (with an unexpected Chili Pepper Festival), heavenly meals (Hasaki and Noodle Pudding are spots I never miss when I visit), and fabulous Vivienne Westwood acquisitions from the Century 21 location in Brooklyn. I'm so happy to be home...

Autumn really is upon us. One of the sugar maples in the front yard has lost all her foliage. Her brother is a little slower, but he's all golden now. The frogs are out. Every night I turn on the porch light, watch them climb the windows and graze at the ensuing moth buffet. It's a little stressful - I can't decide which side I'm rooting for :-)


madmommy said...

What sorts are from MN? I'm originally from WI but not sure I could pick out anything that would be regionally specific, although now that I live in KS I realize the differences even between states. Maybe we could do a stateside swap?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like them. I think I may even have enough wool left to make myself a pair. However I have to finish the kids socks before I start another pair for me.

And I whole heartedly agree it is a great pattern. I'll be using it again & again.