It comes as no surprise.

I adore my power symbol and may get one for myself for Christmas, in July.
BTW - I knew you would think that :-)

Your Birthdate: April 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July


Anonymous said...

Are inner voices different from little voices...?!

Jessicah said...

Not entirely sure if I read that right, but these hammers are rocking..... http://www.bloomsburystore.com/proddetail.php?prod=hammer and have other matching accessories ie tape measure! A swap is a great idea :) when i have some more time. will definayely let you know :)

Donna said...

I like yours :-) And you are a fellow Arien too, cool!