PxTx - the post-event-preview

A Halloween pumpkin for the road. Pay no attention to the unfinished deck project in the background . I'm sure completion is imminent.

Someone might mention to my husband that most people build decks out of wood and don't have 5000 lb granite picnic tables.

I'm bragging not complaining. :-)

Now that Halloween is over it really feels like we're launching into the Holidays.

Last night was "Practice Thanksgiving" (aka PxTx) - the annual event Julie and I host. This is an international blog (international blog of mystery) and I know that not everyone celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday. I offer, to you all, PxTx - a holiday where one practices preparing and consuming a Thanksgiving meal. You can also practice being thankful :-)

More later on PxTx debrief - menu and related items. Today, however, 2 year olds don't care if their Mama's go to bed too late or have a glass (or 3) too many of the bubbly. Thus I only have the energy for Nigella Lawson's "Cheesecakelets" for breakfast.

And a quick peek at a dishcloth for my dishcloth swap. Lots to pop in the mail tomorrow. Will report soon.


capello said...

how were those cheesecakelets? i saw them on her show and they did look quite tastey, especially with the strawberries.

can you tell i'm eating lunch?

can't wait to hear about your PxTx. did you also practice fighting?

beki said...

Cheesecakelets? PxTx? Can't wait to hear about the details.

Lexi & Lolly said...

Arghppfff - cheesecakelets sound fattening and now I'm going to have to try them!

Off to google the receipe.

Cathy said...

I would think that the picnic table would just sink in the ground but maybe not? It's a cool idea.

The cheesecakelets look terrific, hangover or not. Now I'm starving!

Donna said...

I had the loveliest parcel come through my letterbox!!! Tasha you are a star, I LOVE my bags sooooooooo much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shall try and photograph them and put them up on my blog soon. They are just perfect. Did I say thank you? xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tasha
I have finally found 5 minutes to blog about your lovely bags. I have put them on my other blog www.thefabricofmylife.blogspot.com
I shall try and add them to my crafty blog too but this new beta blog thingy made me lose my crafty blog for a while, eeeeek!