Solid Ground

As promised, the Lorna's socks are complete!

They look great and feel even better. Holy Cow! Those are some big feet!

Love knitting socks so much. Started some for Viki's new baby. When little Setsuko arrives in January she'll have some sweet warm woolies to keep her piggies toastie.

SPOILER (Don't look, Donna):

Ready to ship a couple bags to the ever patient Donna.

The trouble will be choosing with which I can bear to part.

Really happy with how they've turned out. Bias tape and French Seams. Going to make another set out of the beautiful blues that Donna sent to initiate the swap. Tell me when you're sick of seeing these :-)

Next stop: The large handbag. The gathering may kill me.

AND: The Christmas List


Anonymous said...

What lunchbag gorgeousness.

beki said...

The lunch bags look fantastic! And holy cow, that's a big bag. Whatcha gonna put in it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, now I can really see why you like the lunchbags, those look great! I need to learn about the french seam action. Nice work!

Jessicah said...

I love that kids book :)...though personally a fan of the birdie. Shame I have no one little in my life to give it to :(

Cathy said...

The socks look wonderful and snuggly... I'm imagining my feet in some beautiful LL socks. The bags came out great!

Amy said...

Those are really cool bags! What a nice design! They look so nice all together with the nice prints you chose. Great job!

keri said...

I love the socks, great color!
Cute lunchbags also, I really enjoyed reading how they came together.

jen said...

Ok, so I want one of your lunchbags! They are so adorable! The socks are great too...I am a knitter and started my first pair of socks before my daughter was born and have not been able to pick them up again yet.