Oui, Oui, Oui!

Aha! Thanks to Sarah, total genius, for the tip. The solution to all my problems (if only): French Seams.

What a dream!! This is my first attempt and I'm so happy. Of course, this means that I've constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed these bags three times. Totally worth it, but I really don't want to rip anymore seams.

Super clean and super simple. No fraying edges. Stronger constitution. So glad I did this before finishing the "big bag" which will follow soon after.

Also trying to loosely baste the bias tape top edging before sewing it down. Then I'll remove the basting. I know that, technically, you're supposed to sew one side, then the other but want to (1) shorten the process and (2) have only one row of stitching.

Learned so much participating in SockWars. Made conceptual leaps of fundamental understanding and have been able to translate those learnings into real impact for future socks. These are of the Lorna's Laces Shepherds Socks.

Improvements include:
  • Picking up an extra stitch btw side and front needles for the heel gusset, doing an extra K2tog twisted to "close the gap"
  • Continuation of the rib (k3, p2) pattern across the top of the foot
  • Banded toe decreases
Wait till you see these puppies in action. Polished! I may be up to entering socks in the State Fair next year. So bold.

Certainly running out of days for taking photos out on the picnic table. It did snow all day last Wed and more is sure to come.

A couple of the fruits of our labor. Soons to be carved for Halloween.

Picked tons of winter squash and gourds today. Need a final herb harvest. Already saved the basil. Still have rosemary, thyme, and rosemary. Enough to keep all our friends in good seasoning all winter.


capello said...

Mmmm... nothing better than fresh herbs.

I've never heard of french seams before. Now I'm REALLY feeling like an amature.

Cathy said...

I think french seams are a great choice, so neat and less labor intensive than binding.

simmy said...

So glad to hear that you did your bag three times - I'm not the only one! However, you're way ahead of me on the french seams and bias edging - RESPECT (as they say!)

Sarah said...

I don't know that I'm actually a genius but I'll take the compliment. So glad the French seams did the trick. We'll have to meet someday so I can see one of these lunch bags in person.

Cathy said...

When you master the bag and the seams (or at least beat it into submission), we can definitely do a swap!

beki said...

I love using french seams. I started using them on my skirts to give a cleaner finish on the inside.