From Ester to Easter

Hope you all had a wonderful easter. Eggs dyed in the nuttnbunny super speed method. Colander, vinegar and food coloring. Drip drop swish rinse dry.

I can do 5 dz in about 15 minutes. Mama doesn't mess around. Plus I think they're pretty. Kind of planetary in an eggish sort of way.

And since Easter is all about rebirth and coming alive let's check out...

40th Birthday Golden Clogs! Thanks nuttnHubby!!

New kicks appropriate for embarking on a new decade. Comfort and style. Perfect to carry me forward.

I'm thankful for all the prior decades and truly look forward to this one. I feel like I really started to become myself in my 30s and look forward to knowing me better and trusting me more in my 40s.

Finished another beret. Knitting with the Koigu! "Love" is too mild a word.

Tragic yarn shortage for the Baby Bobbi Bear. Off to the LYS today for the remedy, for which they still have in the right dye-lot. I'm so lucky!

The April Yarn of the Month Club (clockwise from upper left).
  • Tatmy Tweed by Kraemer Yarns
    5 sts/inch on US 7s
    60% acrylic, 40% cotton
  • Laser by Feza (which is so fun to say out loud)
    5.25 sts/inch on US 6s
    100% nylon
  • Balance by O-Wool
    5 sts/inch on US 6s
    50% organic cotton, 50% organic merino
  • Breeze by Karabella Yarns
    5.5 sts/inch on US 4s
    60% silk, 40% cashmere
The pattern is for a really beautiful tank/cami. Adding it to my to-do list on the sidebar. Looks like a great pattern.

This, of course, highlights the fact that I haven't swatched the previous month. It still looks like this:

Nothing has changed. Now I realize that I don't like to knit lace yarn. My level of knitting obsession guarantees that f I was at all enthused I would have sat right down and finished it up.

But I won't.

YOTM delivers: I now know something I don't like. And there is value in that...

Sage words from a 40 yr old! :-)


Alicia A. said...

Barbaric? No way.Very funky, almost tie dyed- I LOVE them.

Ali said...

Happy birthday!! May the golden clogs take you on many adventures this year (there's nothing quite like a pair of happy shoes)

capello said...

whoa. momma makes The Best Eggs Ever.

happy birthday!

keri said...

Shoes that are comfy AND stylish? The very best thing ever!

Happy Birthday!

Jessicah said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Happy Birthday! So, how is 40??? I'll be hitting that big one in a few short months. Love the shoes!!!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday! (A little late, sorry.) I'm liking 40s better than 30s, hope it's that way for you too. The clogs--they're amazing, I've never seen golden clogs, they're beautiful. And I love the eggs! All the more after you explained how quick they are.