Man, I'm stuffed!

Baby Bobbi Bear progress.

He's so stinking cute, even while doing his Edward Scissorhands impersonation.

Will complete tonight and start the next one.
To my beret obsession I've added bears.

The next beret. Nice spring colors. I highly recommend the Koigu KPPM.
And knitting berets :-)

KnitPicks Main Line arrives for the Ester KAL.
Three Musketeers thus far. Christina Marie has joined! I'm so super excited!! Excessive-use-of-exclamation marks excited!!!!!

Check out her blog. Email me or comment if you're in. Strength in numbers. That kind of thing.

Reminder - we cast on May 1.

Also picked up some of their discontinued "Dancing" fingering weight. I love this for socks and am really disappointed it is no longer.
It's slightly tubular (like, totally) and springy.

Got enough for 2 adult pairs and 1 kids pair per color. Then I'm on a quest for a cost-efficient replacement. I love the Lorna's but it's a little tough on the wallet. Suggestions?

It's snowing AGAIN! But a couple of days ago - a veritable flurry of robins. Our whole yard was peppered with them. Too bad I don't have a wide angle lens.


Christina Marie said...

Thanks so much for adding a link to my blog!!!!! Would you like me to design a little Ester KAL button for your sidebar? Lemme know! :) christina@itfactordesigns.com

Jessicah said...

We cast on May 1??!! Oh No! I totslly plan to be blocked and wearing Ester by then- I didn't want to say, I thought you might catch up, but I'm up to the part where you cast on the front bits! We're quickly moving into winter down here in the southern hemisphere and if I dont hurry up she wont be getting no wardrobe time! Really sorry about that, next time we'll knit something all at the same time :)

Amanda said...

I'm loving little Bunny Scissorhands! I don't know how big he is, but it looks like those dpns are maybe 3 or 4 inches long.

tiennie said...

Look at all the lovely yarn!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

You so make me wish I could knit. That little bear! OMG, I could eat him up.

Cathy said...

Beary scissorhands is going to be so cute when he is done! Look at all those robins. I'm not sure why but it always freaks me out just a little bit to see all those robins staring at me, and all of them so evenly spaced. Outside of that, I love seeing all those robins!!