So not spinning... yet.

Assembled materials: spindle, fiber and directions.

I'm a relatively intelligent woman.
I've done research.
Searched the net and youtube.
Watched tutorials.
Read descriptions.

And I just can't seem to get this to all work out.
For God's sake, I can weld and I can't do this?!?!?

I'm going to keep at it. Think I may need some in-person support.
I have a call in to the resident expert at the LYS but haven't heard back yet.
Anyone out there want to be my lifeline?

On a happier note... Yarn of the Month Club for April is swatched (clockwise from upper left):
  • Tatmy Tweed by Kraemer Yarns - I knit it at 4.25 st/inch.
    Easy to knit and soft but, mweh. Nothing distinctive, plus it's got a bunch of acrylic in it. Listen to me! What a snob.
  • Breeze by Karabella Yarns - The only one I knit to projected gauge at 5.5 st/inch.
    Winner by a long shot. A beautiful light weight silk/cashmere. I may have to add this one to the list using the lovely tank pattern that came with this month's yarns.
  • Laser by Feza - I knit it at 5.25 st/inch.
    Wierd, something so... how you say it, artificial. Can't imagine what one would ever knit with this. And I had such high hopes.
  • Balance by O-Wool - I knit it at 4.75 st/inch
    Again with the O-Wool, good ethics but nothing I'd want against my skin. It's a little "sticky".

And a little present to myself. Malabrigo Kettle Dyed Pure Merino. I'll just call her "yum".
In Verdes. To celebrate the coming of spring. I've been told it really is on the way.

What should she become?

A scarf? Fingerless Mitts? Who has advice? A pattern to suggest?


Ali said...

That green is gorgeous. And good luck with finding a real life guru!

KnittenKnots said...

I think an in-person demonstration will help a lot. I took a class and still had trouble figuring it out at first. Once you get going, it's smooth sailing - good luck!! Baby bear is SO CUTE by the way.

tiennie said...

Pretty malabrigo! I haven't a clue how to spin. Good for you for trying! I know you'll get it.

Sasha said...

thWish I had some good spinning advice. Is the yarn breaking? Try experimenting with trying to make a thicker yarn? It's a bit of a coordination game at first. I know you can get it, just try not to get too frustrated. I can send you some really really crappy wool if you need more for practice. Because maybe those little bits make it all too precious for real practice? You can do this.

Cathy said...

OOps I thought your wool was human hair when I first saw it! I have been thinking about spinning almost as long as I have been knitting but I fear the results you are having. I hope somebody can help out!

Dy said...

I've only just found the comment you left on my blog re spinning - sorry! Spinning is tricky isn't it, how are you progressing? Love your green hand dyed merino...drool...