International Sock of Doom

Sock One is done. The Lorna's Swirl DK is an absolute dream to knit. After the tournament I may have to acquire additional for knitting a pair for home. :-)

Of course, I'm assigned a target with size 11 feet. Jeez! Very kindly she's already sent me her mailing address. Prepare to die!

Poor YarnMonkey's been having a time of it what with a hurricane harassing Belfast, techie troubles and 700+ eager knitters on her heels.

Keep the faith dearest Monkey. 1400 bare feet stand behind you :-)

Sweet (literally) choco cake in honor of sweet (figuratively) hubbies birthday. Used a ridiculously easy recipe from Nigella Lawson's FEAST. Just dump all the ingredients in the food processor and whir away. Even for the frosting! Felt like a cheater.

Cake sits on a gorgeous cake plate painted by my Nana. At some point will have to highlight some of her talents here.

Edifying view of changing foliage from our living room window. Picked apples this weekend. The cortlands are ripe. I feel a baked apple pancake in our near future. 2-year-olds across the land rejoice. Heavenly!


Anonymous said...

Love hubby's stripey candles! Hope he had a happy one (how could he fail, fuelled by choccy cake!).

That is one large sock - now stop blogging and finish knitting!

capello said...

The view out your window is beautiful.

And a cake made in a cuisenart? Awesome.

Anonymous said...

nuttnbunny, sock one is done, hooray! It looks great. Good luck on #2. PS I loved your photo of the turning leaves in MN. Here in NJ they haven't started yet.

Anonymous said...

You better knit fast. I just dropped your socks in the mail!

Anonymous said...

I want that cake !!!!!

I had apple crumble and custard for breakfast... yummy.

Of course it was after the kids went to school!